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LWA Xmas 2023

As we are fast approaching Christmas Day, Land Warrior Airsoft Sports sent an update on their store hours and closing dates so they can celebrate the holiday season with friends and families. In a nutshell, place your order now if you are planning on getting something from them for Christmas... "Our team will have an early finish on Saturday the 23rd as we’re closing at 3pm, allowing them to go spend extra time with either their families or in the pub. Probably the pub.

We’re then closed from the 24th until the 30th, where we re-open for one last day this year for our legendary, world-famous Sale Day! Expect many discounts and other awesome things in-store and online, so be sure to spend your Christmas Money wisely!

After the sale day, Lord Allan of the North has decreed that we’re allowed to be off until Wednesday the 3rd of January, where we re-open alongside the couriers going back to work, ready to ship out all your Christmas orders and kick start a new year!

Our first Live-Fire Guest Day at Land Warrior Rifle Club is also on the first weekend of next year, taking place on Sunday the 7th of January with the last couple of spaces still up for grabs on our website so don’t miss out!

So, TL;DR, closing early on the 23rd, off the next week, back in on the 30th for our Sale Day, then back to business on the 3rd of January!

And finally remember, as always, Die Hard IS a Christmas movie. Plus, after a recent discussion in the office, Rambo is also a Christmas Movie. Be sure to watch them both this festive season!"

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