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New Fighter Design Magnetic Retrofit Kit

Fighter Design Magnetic Retrofit Kit

This is probably the most welcome item for us who find the noise of Velcro too annoying and too unstealthy to use to secure or open pockets and pouches. Check Magnetic Retrofit Kit at The Fighter Design... "This simple invention combines genuine US made Velcro® and rare-earth magnets to convert any hook/loop closure into a strong and silent magnetic closure. Just attach straight over your regular VELCRO® brand fastener. Now available for Tactical Pants including 5.11™


  • Product attaches to any Velcro® Brand Fastener and eliminates noise.
  • Protects Velcro® Brand Fasteners and prevents wear.
  • Machine washable.
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Sonic Welded Construction for strength and durability

Ideal for uniforms and other applications. No sewing needed."