New Year Tokyo Marui Restock At Land Warrior Sports


LWA Tokyo Marui 06 Jan 2024

Land Warrior Sports start their 2024 with a restock of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns.. "Happy New Year from all of us here at Land Warrior Sports! We're kicking off 2024 the right way, with plenty restocks! Such as our recent delivery from Tokyo Marui! First off, whats new!

The Tokyo Marui MWS URGI SOPMOD Block 3 11.5" is the pinnacle of airsoft realism and performance. This rifle is already centre stage with its NGRS variant, and now this gas blowback variant faithfully replicates the firearm chosen by US Army Special Forces, delivering an unparalleled experience for both milsim enthusiasts and casual skirmishers.

Next, for those Ocelots out there who prefer to hunt alone (IYKYK) the iconic SAA.45 replica is back in black! Packing a punch of fun without needing batteries or gas, simply cock the hammer and pull the trigger to fire the BB. It's a faithful recreation of the classic 'Civilian' model, renowned for its smooth action and timeless elegance.

Our restock includes many favourites from Tokyo Marui, such as the lightweight and reliable VSR-One Bolt-Action Sniper, the venerable and timeless AKM GBBR, the unique and recognisable Kel-Tec KSG Pump Action Shotgun, many of their awesome pistols from 1911's and Hi-Capa's to Deagles and more! Plus, mags for many of the above plus others that have been very sought after!

All this and so much more is available now at Land Warrior Sports! For more news like this be sure to follow us over the various socials we're on and to also check out our website!"

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