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OPSEC Airsoft Radio 13 March 2008 Show Available for Download

OPSEC Airsoft Radio

OPSEC Airsoft Radio has now made available the 13 March 2008 show for download. OPSEC Airsoft radio was put up in September 2005 by a group of airsoft enthusiasts "tired of reading several different websites to remain 'on-top' of the airsoft scene, but most importantly... tired of being out of the loop on local events/games." So they decided to put up something different --- and thus the online radio service for the airsoft world.

  • National Airsoft Events
  • Laylax: Spring Guide Tornado Shaft
  • ICS L85
  • Guay Guay: New models line-up
  • HSS Gear: Multicam gear, World SWAT Challenge
  • CRW Airsoft: JG Seburo Type 06 IkaZuchi
  • Main Topic: Maturity and Liability
  • Shameless Plugs

Download the MP3 file here. (41.4MB)