Optimize Your Kalash For Night Vision Use


Rob Solo Optimize Your Kalash For Night Vision Use

Rob Solo got this video and blogpost regarding the use of an AK for night vision use... "Night vision is more available and affordable than ever before thanks to advancements in night vision technology and the interest from the 2A community. As new units are introduced, older units become more affordable for the average person.

The ability to shoot in complete darkness is an experience shared by a small percentage of shooters, however this number is growing. Along with this, is the interest to optimize firearms to shoot using a Night Optical Device (NOD). AR-15s are inherently easier to optimize to be compatible with NODs as they’re typically, from the factory, able to mount optics, lights, and lasers. The AKM, and its variants, are another story."

Read the blogpost here and below is the video:

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