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ROE Airsoft Opening New Kent Store

ROE Airsoft Shop Custom .50 Airsoft Gun

A quick and suprise announcement from Rules of Engagement (ROE Airsoft). We know that there is something in the works but this announcement of new branch in Kent is a surprise to us too, but of course good for airsoft players in the area... "ROE are expanding our retail shops. We are happy to announce that R.O.E's new retail outlet will be opening in Cherinton High Street, Folkstone.

Only a few miles from our awesome new game site Airsoft Plantation South. Two MASSIVE shops, Two AWESOME game sites, One R.O.E.

Rules of Engagement, Hadleigh, Essex.....
Rules of Engagement, Cherinton, Folkestone, Kent....
Airsoft Plantation, Stock, Essex....
Airsoft Plantation, sandlings, Folkestone, Kent...."