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SAGear Photo Gear Line-Up

SAG Photo Gear

We are now seeing more and more tactical gear makers making full sets of photography gear for combat photographers, whether they cover airsoft or actual military events, which is a good thing as such gear can also withstand the rigors of the rought and tumble sport and at the same time protect such sensitive and very expensive equipment. SAGear are also photographers themselves and created their own line of Photo Gear.

"We are photographers ourselves (e.g. for "Weapons and Ammunition" magazine) and we have always lacked photo equipment that could be easily and comfortably taken outdoors, both business and leisure. It was always a problem to carry a camera and lenses in a way it would be both secure and easily accessible during outdoor or touristic activities.

Therefore, we have created a product line 'Adventure Photographer'.

They're ergonomic equipment, extremely durable (sewn from the same materials as our regular gear), while highly customizable due to use PALS system.

SAG Camera Bag

SAG Chest Rig Large

SAG Flash Pouch

SAG Lens Pouch

SAG LPT Main Belt

SAG Nalgene Pouch

SAG Battery and Memory Cards Organizer

Kind Regards,

Paweł Ścibiorek