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Shootmyash Target Lights Experiment

Shootmyash Airsoft Targets in 16m Colors

An interesting video from Shootmyash as they look into an off the shelf solution to produce lighting effects on airsoft targets. With 16 million colours, the Philips Hue Lighting can be configured to show myriads of light combinations and achieve certain effects for shootera looking at targets. All Shootmyash need to do if they can program a software to make their Shootmyash work together with Philips Hue. Videos from Shootmyash and Philips Hue to see the potential below:

"A look at solid state pop-up, friendly and un-friendly targets:

We purchased a Philips Hue starter kit online and wanted to see how we could turn it into a Shootmyash controllable Scoreboard app for new Airsoft targeting scenarios. These scenarios could include pop ups, pop ins and good guy, bad guys configurations for shoot / no shoot decision training and entertainment applications.

We played with the Android and Apple apps on the market and they are fine for indoor home mood lighting. We now have control of the Bridge native in JavaScript and are starting some application integration.

This video looks at brightness levels indoors / outdoors reflected and direct viewing.

We have not tested the Philips LightStrips yet which are compatible and more suitable for our application in terms of low voltage battery operations outdoors."