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Sig SB15 Stabilizing Brace Review

TFB: Sig SB15 Stabilizing Brace Review

This is a real steel review with this brace to allow you one handed shooting with the SB15... "If you are like me, you remember seeing the Sig SB15 a while back and thinking 'hey they hacked the NFA'. Of course we all know how it is supposed to be used, but let us get real and look at this objectively: Sig made an “arm brace” and got ATF approval for said arm brace. The arm brace slides over a pistol buffer and looks like a stock… but it is an arm brace. Well, regardless the internet is abuzz with the legality of using the brace as a shoulder stock and whether or not you would suddenly be in violation of the law, but I sure as heck am not writing the ATF’s Firearm Technology Branch to ruin it for everyone. Anyways, instead of risking breaking the law I asked my friend CJ if we could put a pistol buffer on his registered AR15 SBR (this explains the foregrip as well) and test this thing out by using it as both an arm brace and a stock. So here goes."

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