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Skirmish Deals with Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries

Wolf Armouries, the Camden Town (North of London) airsoft retailer, has announced that there will be skirmish deals for customers purchasing from them before the VCRA takes effect on 1 October... "From Monday 1st October 2007 ALL customers, without exception will NOT be able to purchase any Airsoft gun without having the relevant site registration details.

We recommend that if you are planning on buying an airsoft gun you do so by 2pm on Saturday 29th September. Even if the airsoft gun you want is listed as out of stock as long as you place your order and pay for it in full by this date we will be able to order it in for you even after the 1st October being that the actual sale was made before the law change. We recommend this as it may take a few months for the player data base scheme to get running.


It is important to understand that the law doesn't prevent you from owning an airsoft replica. You can freely purchase items up until the 1st October (last orders are taken up to 2pm of Saturday 29th September). You will still be able to keep items bought before this date.


You can get some great deals in conjunction with the sites listed here in order to get you site registration."