SPEED Contour Cam BB Shield Released


This product is a good investment as it protects your an expensive equipment called the Contour Helmet Camera since the lens will be covered from incoming BBs... "The new SPEED Airsoft BB Shield will keep the in-your-face actions of airsoft going without fear. SPEED Airsoft announces their optically transparent BB Shield to help protect your Contour lense so that you can record whatever action you want at an airsoft game.

Fully tested to withstand high power bb hits even from a sniper rifle within a few feet, the new SPEED Airsoft BB Shield is 6mm thick and fully optically transparent, making all your airsoft game videos crystal clear.

No more fear and worries about damaging your Contour camcorder lense by BB shots during airsoft games, where projectile hit damage to the lense is not covered by warranty.  The new SPEED Airsoft BB Shield is available in an on-gun kit (Part #SA3082) and a helmet/gun kit (Part#SA3083).   The helmet/gun kit includes an extended aluminum rail that locks onto your helmet, and allows both shield and camcorder to be firmly mounted onto it.

For more info, visit SPEED at or check it out at your local airsoft dealer."

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02 Dec 2022

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