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Stirling Airsoft Operation Javelin Video

Stirling Airsoft Operation Javelin Video

Video of Stirling Airsoft's Operation Javelin, which was held last August 2013, is now online. It's an hour long video so better grab some popcorn and fizzy drinks... "Democracy is alive. Or so the spin doctors in N’Djamena want the rest of the world to believe. With tensions, repercussions and regional destabilization on every compass point around Chad’s borders, the security of the country is at its worst since the days of Azear.

The Divine Brotherhood of Roy are increasing their efforts with the Knights of Azear to take control of Chad through stretching Government forces from one side of the country to the other. Their intention is to divide and conquer.

DBR commanders have given their political candidate their blessing to stand for election in N’Djamena but remain sceptical of how democratic the process will be, even with international monitors in attendance, and have a back-up plan in place.

Either way, the DBR feel their time has come and the balance of power has swung in their favour at last. With confusion in Sudan and Nigeria, the DBR, with the help of the KOA, have a plan that starts today with N’Djamena, but if the right pieces fall into place, ends with the region being an extension of Chad."