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Tokyo Marui Colt Python Stainless Series

Tokyo Marui

UPDATED: Latest announcement from Tokyo Marui regarding their new airsoft revolver. Rough translation of what this is all about.. "Colt Python is a high-end 1955 was announced as responsive Magnum revolver was Colt's, the next year is 6 inches, 2.5 inches, 4 inches, which was released with 8-inch barrel. (There are a few 3inches made.). The popular 'blazing Gas Shell 24' series is its unique mechanism 'fired' by one to four rotating cylinder loaded with BB bullets, with a total of 24 BB development that can be fired continuously before it is emptied.

Hop-up, as in previous products, 'V-packing" was adopted. To achieve accuracy and enough distance to prevent gas leakage "movable nozzle loading" and to adopt the concept of 'Revolver' a rip has been equipped with high performance products.

The feature of this is "steel" has the beauty of the finish. We accentuated the glow of silver python glamorous specific form, which makes this pistol appealing.

24 and is blazing?

Typically the blazing six-cylinder, with a whopping "4 rounds × 6 holes" with the patent mechanism. 1 in 4 will demonstrate Ting Ting Feed system in minutes. The structure of the revolver on the structure and poor accuracy and with 'V-type Hopup' we succeeded in improving firing and accuracy dramatically things by this."


Some more explanation about this from Bancha:

TM gas revolvers were released about 10 years ago and this model  is not exactly a novelty. First version is made from Heavyweight resinoid so we can feel good weight in our hands. But, as well known, HW is fragile. so more "using at game" strength are needed which TM making minor changes. The Python are made from ABS resin.

Yes. Stainless model is ABS and coated like stainless.

Accuracy and shoot range is so good and so bad. But it is useful (about 30m maximum with an accuracy range of about 15m). Fixed Hopup. It is silent. My team and I always have night games and we like silent guns, so the TM USP fixed slide gas pistol is a menace. TM Python is the same and tempture worries is not a problem.

I think it is very best of buckup guns. 2.5inch is too cool to holster on your shoulder. Or 6inch model as your primary arm...maybe.

It is OK to have even just 1 round in each hole with 6 shoots. extrantor is fixed with the gas tank in the grip. If you want custom grip, you have to modify the internal surface to take in new grips.