Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta NGRS With Magpul SL-S Stock


Eagle6 Airsoft Tokyo Marui HK416 Delta NGRS With Magpul SL-S Stock

Richard of Eagle6 Airsoft recently showcased an upgraded TM 416 Delta build with a Magpul SL-S Stock. The build, which was part of a repair and upgrade package, included a variety of installed components such as an FPS M100 NGRS spring with an E6 power spacer, a Psionic Thor Hop Rubber, a Prometheus 272mm barrel with a diameter of 6.03mm, Prometheus Bearings of 6mm, and Prometheus 20:1 gears.

Additional components included an FPS Spring Guide M4 NGRS, an Eagle6 Upgraded Recoil Return Spring, an FPS Cylinder Head, an FPS Piston Head for TM NGRS, an FPS Piston Carbon Fiber M4 NGRS, an FPS carbon Fiber tappet plate, a Prometheus ARL, an FPS Air Nozzle, an FPS Cylinder D Type, a Prometheus Selector plate, a Warhead Ronin 31K Motor, a Laylax Frame Pin, a Gate Titan adv NGRS with 3.0 firmware, and a Magpul MOE SL-S Stock that was modified to accept 2600 lipos.

The build was tested on a 2600mah 7.4v Lipo. The FPS results, with the hop set for 0.32 and range tested at 65m, were 343 FPS measured on a 0.20 gr BB, 263 FPS measured on a 0.28 gr BB, and the FPS measured on a 0.30 gr BB is to be announced."

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