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The Ultimate Airsoft Gun Sound Simulator

B.L.TECH Airsoft Gun Sound Simulator

In what probably many airsoft players would swoon around the world is finally here and word is going out fast about this latest innovation in airsoft. If you're looking for something really realistic apart from recoil, blowback, and shell ejection, the gun shot sound coming from airsoft gun would probably be the ultimate and the Kiwis finally found the first solution to it. New Zealand airsoft company, BL Tech, have uploaded a video a week ago of their GS203 GS201-A1 which is an M203 Launcher modified to take in their B.L.Tech Airsoft Gun Shot System.

The B.L.Tech Airsoft Gun Shot System, in contrast to the Tokyo Marui Gun Shot System, makes a loud gun shot sound that can be heard at a certain radius. The secret is in the M203 which they call the GS201-A1which is a speaker system attached to the AEG. Each time the an airsoft gun is fired in semi and full auto, the GS201-A1 will emit a gun shot sound. It's loud enough that to be in front of it will deafen you.

This is also a new animal in airsoft as there will be implications in game sites when this is used as the local community might object to many simulated gun fire sounds and may also cause panic if irresponsible owners use it in public places.

They also have a lighter version in the form of a modified weaponlight for those who don't prefer carrying an M203 to have the gun shot sound system.

We'll try to learn more about the system, so stay tuned.