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Vegetato Desert Shirt ACU Cut


More Italian pattern at "The Vegetato pattern has now been adopted by all Italian land forces such as the army and Carabinieri and has been in use since 2001. The desert version was developed to adapt the highly successful pattern to colours found in the drier Middle Eastern climate in time for deployment to Iraq.

Consisting of a four colour pattern of light sand and dark sands and a brown, the overall impression of the pattern is distinctly lighter in tone than the temperate "grassland" pattern. This camouflage is also reminiscent of the Canadian arid camouflage which is also highly effective in desert conditions. The desert Vegetato shirt is cut to the same pattern as the latest US Army cut, with mandarin collar, slanted chest pockets, large arm pockets, elbow patches which open for insertion of velcro, velcro cuffs and shirt opening, low profile zipper. Velcro patches are provided on the arms for attachment of insignia, and are also provided on the upper chest for name tapes and team affiliation. The shirt back is expandable over the upper shoulders and back for better movement, although this is ended before the waist area to save on the amount of fabric worn in the area where ammunition and other loads are usually carried. The shirt is from Miltec and is made of 100% ripstop cotton."