WASDN Arrivals At Land Warrior Sports


LWA WASDN Feb 2024

Various weapon mounts, aiming devices and weaponlights from WASD have arrived at Land Warrior Sports... "We have just received a delivery from WADSN along with brand new releases, and restocks of favourite products! Check out what is new below!

Upgrade your shooting experience with the unmatched stability and sleek design of WADSN's GG Lerna optic mounts, now available in both tactical black and rugged dark earth. Crafted from high-strength aluminium alloy, these mounts offer unyielding hold, ensuring your optic stays zeroed-in even under the most demanding conditions. Their sleek, low-profile design minimises added weight and bulk, maintaining the perfect balance for your rifle. This CNC Optics mount riser give a height of 45mm over the tops RIS rail of your weapon.

A personal favourite of mine to return is the aluminium NGAL, as my personal one has done me well at many a MilSim event when I need a reliable IR laser for that super satisfying night-time firefight! But it's not just the rifle that needs something to accompany Night Vision, The WADSN Sidewinder Stalk Helmet Light is a versatile and affordable tactical helmet light that offers white, red, and IR LEDs for a variety of lighting applications.

Back in-stock with us as well, everything from Hydra Mounts for both Aimpoints and EoTech's, PEQ-15's, DBAL's, a massive variety of Rifle and Pistol Lights, plus more buttons and switches than you can shake a gucci replica at!

All this and so much more is available now at Land Warrior Sports! For more news like this be sure to follow us over the various socials we're on and to also check out our website!

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