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THATBR X Holster Thigh/Belt Rig

An item from SO Tech... "With no room on your duty belt where do you carry your X-26 Taser where the electronics wont be damaged or seen, while remaining tactically accessible? S.O.Tech developed the X Holster to answer all of the carry questions. Ambidextrous design allows for easy armory check out. Flap and buckle combination prevent accidental misidentification from lethal weapon holst­er. Fastex and V­elcro flap provides maximum weapon retention.

Custom Boyi M16 Custom SPR Sniper

If you're looking for an SPR, you might be interested in this... "This is the most recent release by DBOYI, one of the top AEG manufacture today. A custom sniper rifle such as this one will normally cost over $1000. (Free Float kit, folding front sight, SPR motor grip, SPR flashhider, fully customized and upgraded internal (shooting 400 FPS) and mroe! We have chronoed about a dozen of this sniper rifle, they all average around 390~400 FPS with great accuracy, power and cycle rate.

This Week's New Items at UN Company

We just received the latest updates from the well-known Hong Kong Based retailer, UN Company, on their new items this week with Christmas packages such as the UN Xmas Special-AnK M249 MK2 Deluxe Package, UN Xmas Special-Kalash Metal AKS-74 W/ M203 DX Ver, UN Xmas Special-JG HK416 W/ M203 DX Version, and the UN Xmas Special-D-Boys M4 SPR DX Version. These are great packages as you get mean looking AEGs that you can use right after Christmas Day..."For this week we have searched for a lot of new items at our shop. I will introduce them as follows:

Jing Gong HK416 AEG - Long At

Lastest variant of the JG HK416, sporting a longer barrel and butt stock is now in stock at This release from Jin Gong (aka Golden Bow, JG) is modeled after the Heckler and Koch HK416. Basically, the HK416 is an improvement over the famous American M4/ M16 by using a proprietary gas system derived from the HK G36, replacing the direct impingement gas system used by the standard M4/M16.

TSD Tactical/SRC SR4 A1 A.E.G. Price Reduction

The TSD Tactical/SRC SR4 A1 A.E.G. price at Hot Spot Airsoft is now at US$219.99... "High-end options for a mid-range price, that’s what the TSD Tactical SR4 A1 is about. Not to mention a TSD Tactical 60-day Manufacturers Warranty and TM compatibility. TSD and SRC are working together to bring to market an AEG that comes standard with all the following features:

SWAT Multicam Plate Carrier

Latest item from Tactical Quartermaster, the SWAT Multicam Plate Carrier.."Made with genuine crye multicam material. Plate carrier with quick release cord which will release the carrier from your body with one pull. Comes with admin pouch with double pistol mag pouches, also genuine material.  Also includes the specific carrier sling which also connects to the quick release cord. Fully adjustable. "

Hatch Operator HK400 Hard Knuckle In Stock

UK Tactical now has these in stock..."New from Hatch the SOG HK400 is one of the best additions to to range. They are cut for a superior comfortable fit and includes Hatch's new Hard Knuckle protection which allows greater flexability of movement without compromising the level of protection. The Palms are made from high quality Hard Wearing yet soft goatskin leather with extra strong double stitching. The remainder of the glove is made from Nomex for flash and flame resistance.

Latest King Arms Product Update

More products coming out of King Arms... "Dear all brothers and sisters, After the KA team working their butts off for god knows how long, finally we are able to be here to proudly present all of you our latest product, the M4 Troy CQB A3 Combat AEG. Please allow me to give a little introduction and the features about this AEG to you. Enjoy!

ECHO1 Hollywood Style Video 2nd Edition Is Coming!

An announcement from Echo1 USA Airsoft was emailed to us over the weekend about their Echo1 USA Airsoft videos. We were all out for the RATRATAN 2007 games that we haven't posted news last Saturday. Now, we all look forward to those Hollywood style videos coming from them very soon..."Hollywood style ECHO1 video 2 is coming! This time, we hire more professional camera crews and actors! Check out some nice cool photos!"


Pantac MOLLE HPC Plate Carrier

Newly released Pantac product at RedWolf Airsoft... "This MOLLE-webbed vest provides the perfect platform for a practical tactical vest. It featrues MOLLE webbing all around to allow the addition of pouches and accessories. The vest is fastened with Velcro and YKK zips and the straps are adjustable to make it a comfort fit. Another feature of this vest is that you can fit Armor Plates in the front and back of the vest.