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ECHO1 USA Airsoft: 3 Shotgun Models Available Now

Echo1 USA Airsoft sent us an email last night that they have 3 shotgun models available now. They average around 400fps and are made in Japan, courtesy of Craft Apple Works (CAW).  The latest shotgun models they have are: Long Advanced Tactical Shotgun, Short Advanced Tactical Shotgun, and Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Shotgun.  The build quality is great, so check with your favourite local retailers if they already have these in stock.

Guardian Tactical Muzzle Caps in Afghanistan

Wow! Guardian Tactical Muzzle Caps from Max Tactical in use in Afghanistan? If you think that these Muzzle Caps are for airsoft use only, think again. The picture below shows an operator using one. "Gents, We just got a photo from Afghanistan about US soliders using our Muzzle Cap for their rifles. The toy version is available from ECHO1USA. The real deal is designed by Johnny, Art Center, which is available from MAX Tactical. Regards, MAX Tactical."

KWA Full Metal M4A1 XMAS Package

Whew! Lots of Christmad packages from Airsoft GI... "The KWA Full Metal M4A1 is astounding! At first glance it looks just like any other M4, but once the gun is plugged into a lithium polymer battery pack it becomes a whole new machine. KWA is traditionally known for their M series gas blow back pistols, then they came out with their G36 and it was ok; but now their latest AEG has completely blown away the staff here at Airsoft GI.

FREE MadBull Static Electricity Sticker Available

This is cool, something to stick unto your car windshield, and it's FREE!, the MadBull Static Electricity Sticker..."Ask your local retailers if you need one. It's free. For retailers and end users. 16X16CM Static electricity sticker. Make sure your windows is clean (no dirt, water, oil...) and put inside your window. See photo attached. Best Regards, Mad Bull Airsoft".

Upcoming Unicorn Kalashnikovs At Gunner Airsoft

Sighting at the Gunner Airsoft website, they have posted pictures of a new batch of Unicorn Kalashnikovs comprised of the following: Unicorn AK-105 Skeleton stock, Unicorn AK-105, Unicorn AK-74M, and the Unicorn AKS-74. While details are sketchy, these come with 6.04 tightbore inner barrels, power of 350fps, with metal gearbox, and a midcap magazine. Battery and charger are not included.

Tactics SOG Aviator Bag

Aviator Bag from Tactics Special Operations Gear is available... "This is a modified design of the traditional Helmet Bag to fit the requirements of a tactical pilot/ crew in essential missions. The main compartment of the bag can accommodate Helmet, LPU, and other necessary equipment with ease and safety. The Bag also features compartment for RON provisions, maps, GPS, NVG, first aid kit, flashlight, and back pocket organizer."

Buy Gift Vouchers At Airsoft Warehouse

Get some limited Gift vouchers for your team mates at Airsoft Warehouse for Christmas at Airsoft Warehouse..."For vouchers of a greater value, please order the quantity of vouchers to the value of your gift. Cards are individually made to order.Please make sure that you include the name of the recipient when you place your order in the notes section at the online checkout." Gift vouchers worth £10, £15, £20, and £25 are available for purchases.

G&G Full Metal G-SCAR L XMAS Package

Another in the list of Christmas Packages from Airsoft GI... "The G&G Full Metal G-SCAR L is one of the most flexible AEG on the market and has a wide range of features that set it apart. The lower receiver is similar in dimensions to the M4/M16 and is constructed from heavy duty polymers; the magazine release, selector lever, bolt release are in the same position and there is a M16A2 style pistol grip.

HSA Custom Full Metal Patriot

Custom Patriot made by Hotspot Airsoft... "This little beast has been build from ground up and has: Our level 2 upgrade installed (400fps), Hurricane Cylinder & Cylinder Head, Original MARUI Gears, Piston, Piston Head, Trigger Switch Assembly, TM EG 1000 Motor , AIM Full Metal Body W/ STONER Logo, PDI PATRIOT-4 RAD- KIT, UTG Ergonomic Pistol Grip W/Thumb Rest and Non Slip Texture.


20% OFF Midnight Madness Discount At Tactical Quartermaster

Another fantastic news to all you airsofters out there! Especially for those in the UK, Tactical Quartermaster is taking 20% OFF on all orders placed between 23:00 Friday and 01:00 Saturday (11pm Friday to 1am Saturday GMT). That's right, it's 20% OFF. ­The­ 20% discount will be applied at the end of the checkout. Mark Naylor of Tactical Quartermaster said that there is no definite end to this promo yet, the earliest would probably be by the end of January 2008.