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OE TECH 3 Day Assault Pack At Airsoft GI

Great looking and very useful assault pack available at Airsoft GI... "The OE TECH 3 Day Assault Pack is covered in MOLLE webbing for all of your tactical needs. The main compartment has a sleeve for the addition of a hydration bladder or internal frame sheet. The two hydration ports are designed to accommodate all mouth pieces on the market; without taking apart the tube to feed it out of the pack.

G&G CR25 Sniper Special Purpose Rifle is now offering the G&G CR25 Sniper Special Purpose Rifle... "The SR-25 (Stoner Rifle-25) is a semi-automatic sniper rifle designed by Eugene Stoner and made by Knight's Armament Company. The SR-25 uses a rotating bolt and a direct impingement gas system. It is loosely based on the Stoner's AR-10 (and therefore on the AR-15/M16), rebuilt in its original 7.62 x 51 mm NATO caliber.

Proud Tactical Gear Rebar Cutter Flash Hider

Another Proud Tactical Gear product  can be purchased from Airsoft Supplier UK, the Rebar Cutter Flash Hider... "This flash hider is one of the coolest accessories possible on an M4 variant. The Rebar Cutter flash hider is an aggressive looking front end mod which looks very good on small arms and in urban situations. This version is machined from aluminium and has a universal thread adaptor which means it can be used as standard on any clockwise or anti-clockwise thread.

Magpul Ranger Floor Plate 5.56 NATO 3 Pack

The Magpul Ranger Floor Plate 5.56 NATO 3 Pack is available at Tsunami Airsoft... "The Magpul Ranger is a floorplate replacement for current issue USGI 30 round magazines and airsoft standard capacity magazines that incorporates an integral loop, floorplate lock, and mag identifier. When installed on the base of a magazine, the Magpul Ranger provides unsurpassed speed and controllability during high stress, tactical magazine changes.

CAOC Is Proud To Announce Partnership With Xyience Inc.

The Combined Airsoft Operations Command has established a partnership with Xyience Inc. This is a huge step forward for the sport of airsoft. This is one of the first times that an airsoft organization has secured a partnership with a multinational non-airsoft company, like Xyience. Their company is widely regarded as THE premium sports nutrition company.

Airsoft Surgeon M14 Sniper

RedWolf Airsoft now brings out a mean M14 made by the Airsoft Surgeon... "A unique AEG/Sniper with an equally unique exterior. This Airsoft Surgeon M14 Sniper has been put together by Clarence Lai, and is a collection of some o­f the finest parts. The base gun is a Tokyo Marui M14 and has been treated to a full Official Multicam coated livery. It has been increased in length slightly, to 1180mm, and has been given the necessary sniper accessories, such as the mighty scope that sits atop this Multicam'd-beauty. The bipod also aids in stabilising the gun for a better aim.

New Wolf-Eyes Accessories At Wolf Armouries

Included in the November line-up of Wolf Armouries are new accessories from Wolf-Eyes... "Along with the great new Wolf-Eyes torch models in this month are some great new accessories. Particularly interesting the the new Wolf-Eyes Cree LED bulbs that come complete with a adaptor spring to enable them to fit a Surefire flashlight. ­As well as the new bulbs there are some fantastic, rigid belt holsters for the new Storm and other high- powered flashlights."

Warrior W-RPC-7 Recon Plate Carrier Price Drop

UK Tactical has made a price drop on the Warrior W-RPC-7 Recon Plate Carrier. Originally being sold at £69.95, now it's at £54.95..."A low profile Plate Carrier designed to hold 10 x 12 balistic plates front and back. The W-RPC7 can hold up to 12 x M4 5.56mm mags and comes with a removable back panel. The rig is completely covered in 1 inch molle webbing so that you can configure it with as many adidtional pouches as you require. Made from 1000D Cordura, with double stitching all round.

Kart M66 EBR Available At Action Hobbys

Action Hobbys finally has the Kart M14 EBR in stock... "Well what can i say, the Kart M66 is a really nice bit of kit, details as a bit cagey at present but basically it is a Kart M14 with a EBR kit fitted, should come with all the little extras as with all our guns will review it over the next few days, but crono's at 375 +/- 5 % so its a little hot, you may need to down grade but makes a great sniper package"

This is being retailed by Action Hobbys at £144.99 at their newly redesigned web site. 

Latest AEPs And AEGs from UNCompany This Week

UNCompany, a well-known airsoft retailer based in Hong Kong, just sent us an email on their latest airsoft offerings from Jieke, Double Eagle, CYMA, and Jing Gong. The offerings are namely: Jieke P02 M93R AEP, Double Eagle M81 USP AEP (V2), CYMA G18C AEG, and the Jing Gong HK416 Airsoft Rifle (Battery Stock Ver). Go straight to their website to learn more about these new offerings.