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Stryke Airsoft: CA SLR 105 A1 Compact

Stryke Airsoft & Paintball is now offering the new Classic Army SLR 105 A1 Compact... "This New Classic Army SLR105 A1 Compact has steel construction, which makes this one solid gun. To add to that it also features wood grips and stocks, making this a very pretty looking gun. The main receiver has the full Arsenal trademarks.

Side SAPI Plate Carrier Adapter At Tactical Sense

The SSPCA (SAPI Side Plate Carrier Adapter) is available at Tactical Sense in Italy... "It will address some issues with the Satch series as well as make available the means of carrying side plates adaptable to plate carriers . Here is a list of some of the functions it will provide . 1) Add the ability to support 6" x 8" side armor plates. 2) Add additional MOLLE/PALS webbing to the original platform on sides.

BlackHawk STRIKE Commando Recon Chest Harness

6Mil, one of the largest airsoft and tactical gear retailers in the UK, has the BlackHawk STRIKE Commando Recon Chest Harness in stock... "Based the US Navy SEAL Commando Chest Harness platform, this cross-back design modular harness takes it to the next level. STRIKE/MOLLE attachment allows the user to configure pouches as needed for speed, comfort, or mission-specific requirements. Tucked into the storage pouch is a pull-out bib that attaches to the D-rings on the shoulder straps.


FCS CQC Training Course 25 November 2007

Firefight Combat Smulations is offering a Close Quarters Combat (CQC) Training Course at the Elektrowerkz, behind Angel Station in London... "As part of FCS' ongoing Tactical Training series, Team Frontier will be running a Skills'n'Drills day at FCS London. This is a light training session, designed to increase the players' ability to operate as one cohesive unit, and make their presence felt on the battlefield.

Mossberg M500 8MM Mariner Shotgun

The Mossberg M500 8MM shotgun is available at Landwarrior Airsoft. This M500 variant is based on the Mossberg M500 mariner version... "This is just scary nice. Many years ago a very similar shotgun was produced and was far more expensive. Was it any better? In some ways it a little nicer, not in many ways that would justify the huge cost though. This fires a 3 round shot with every pump.

No OPSEC Show for Nov 15th & 22nd November (Thanksgiving)

OPSEC Airsoft Radio has announced that there will be no shows for the 15th and 22nd of November 2007... "Every airsofter knows that life is more important that this hobby, right? Well, you should! Normally we don't cancel shows unless there is a critical health or safety issue. Tonight is neither. Almost every member of the staff has family or personal obligations that will prevent their attendance, myself included. ­While we feel terrible about missing yet another broadcast, we have to keep our houses in order to continue broadcasting and we appreciate your understanding.

2-Tone AEGs Available at Action Hobbys

You are  not registered at any skirmish site and below 18 years old? Too bad you can't purchase any airsoft weapon from UK retailers since the VCRA came into effect last 1 October 2007. But by a stroke of imagination, some UK retailers have banded together to help you out acquire your AEG without worrying about these, by coming out with 2-Tone product lines. Action Hobbys has released the first products under this.

UTG M14 Rifle Non-Scope Package (ACU)

If you want to to fully compliment your modern US GI look in ACU, in a sniper loadout, then get the UTG M14 package from Airsoft GI which comes in ACU. Don't forget to buy the scope though, since it's not part of the package. "UTG (ACU) comes ready to make you into your teams designated marksmen. It has a stock constructed from heavy duty ABS plastic that has been textured to resemble real wood. It also features a metal barrel and bolt assembly.

Guarder A.I.M. M4A1 RIS Full Size A.E.G.

One of the new arrivals at is the Guarder A.I.M. M4A1 RIS Full size AEG. This AEG has a 300 round Clip, a range of up to 70ft. Accuracy, a velocity of 300 feet per second, a Hi-Torque motor, full size 1:1 scale, adjustable Hop Up System, semi and full Auto Select Fire, and a 4 Position Retractable Stock.  Package comes with AEG, Manual, one hi-cap M4 full metal magazine, RIS, PEQ2 BOX and unjamming rod.

4th Quarter Storm By The Action Games League

The oldest Philippine Airsoft Group, the Action Games League, which was established in 1985, will be having one of the biggest airsoft events in the Philippines, called the 4TH QUARTER STORM. It will be held on the 24th until the 25th of November 2007 at the Evercrest Golf and Country Club in Nasugbu, Province of Batangas.