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Emerson AOR2 Combat Shirt & Pants Set

Emerson AOR2 Combat Shirt & Pants Set Review

The item described in this review is an airsoft replica of Crye’s AC version of their combat shirt and pants. It is quite possible that several improvements have been done to their product line to arrive at the product that I am looking at now. Since I have no basis or history available to me due to the nature of reproduction items, I will go with what knowledge I have and will update with further reviews as necessary.

From Crye Precision’s website:

“The design that started a movement. When we developed the first version of our signature shirt, we had no idea that it would lead to such widespread adoption of our basic design. The Combat Shirt is a purely operational fighting upper garment. This shirt is designed specifically to be worn under body armor. It keeps you cool with a lightweight high-performance flame resistant DRIFIRE® torso, and reinforced Mil-Spec NYCO ripstop sleeves designed for use with our patented removable Combat Elbow Pads (sold separately). Features a zip collar that allows easy donning and doffing while keeping slings, straps, and brass off your neck.

“Designed as a purely operational fighting lower garment, with none of the compromises of garrison wear, they are aggressively cut for maximum mobility. These combat-proven pants feature a padded waist band and high-mobility stretch panels in the knee and lower back. 10 pockets. Designed for use with our patented removable Combat Knee Pads (sold separately). Base fabric is Mil-Spec 50/50 NYCO ripstop. Stretch fabric is durable a 4-way stretch woven. Zipper fly with Velcro® cinch tab”


This replica set attempts to have exactly the same features as the product being copied, however falls slightly short of that mark. I have obtained the set from Blackhog Gears.

Integrated kneepads

These are great and very comfortable. They have thickened the pads significantly in later releases, which helps with joint protection.

Breathable stretch panels around the knee area:

This is where Emerson falls short of the mark. They’ve included a lightweight, breathable material for the panels, however this material does not stretch and therefore affects the comfort of the item in question. This is related to the tightness and mobility issues described in the section about how the item fits.

Teflon coating

The camouflage ripstop fabric used in this item is coated with Teflon for additional stain resistance. The downside is that the Teflon will come off after a few washes. On the bright side, it should make the fabric a bit softer and more breathable.


This part surprised me. The uniform fit me correctly on the sleeves and pant length. The waist was ok, but it is still quite tight around the thighs, which makes it a bit hard to move. I will have to break these in if possible.


As with the usual Emerson combat uniforms, these look quite sturdy and should be able to put up with the abuse we put our uniforms through. I have a multicam and AOR1 set from Emerson and they are holding out quite well.


The colors are fairly close to the real thing. Slightly darker than the real deal but should lighten with some use.

(Emerson replica compared to the an authentic NWU type III uniform)


Vastly improved are the kneepads. The inner foam parts are thicker and provide better padding. The velcro seems to be stuck on with better adhesive and did not come off when I pulled it from the socket. (edit: I take it back! the glue, while improved, was still easy to remove. I glued the velcro back on using mighty bond. They also use the same thin strips, bleh!)

(Emerson replica compared to the an authentic NWU type III uniform)


Similar material to previous uniforms that I have from them. They used a tough nylon/cotton ripstop material. It isn't authentic NWU Type III cloth but close enough. The material that is supposed to go into the stretch panels isn't quite stretchy at all, and this is why it is tight around my thighs and difficult to lift my legs with.


This is really a nit-pick but the collar doesn't fit quite as correctly as their previous uniforms.


At PHP 3,700.00 (US$90.00) this replica uniform is not cheap, but it is the cheaper alternative to buying the real thing. (expect to spend upwards of $1000 for a set on eBay so unless you have a Navy Seal friend or are ridiculously rich, forget it) Other reproductions don't quite hold a candle to this except for ones you can get from Kevin Toysoldier, who makes particularly excellent reproductions. Expensive, but worth it.

Bottom line: It's not the best but get it if you want AOR2 and don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

In these pictures: the uniform is compared to an authentic NWU Type III field shirt and authentic NWU Type III trousers made by

What about the Allwin

What about the Allwin replica? They are very well made for their price. I'd rate them between Emerson and Toy Soldier.