Installing The Perun Airsoft Hybrid V3 MOSFET


Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3

I was lucky enough to be able to install and test the new Perun Hybrid MOSFETs for both V2 and V3 Gearboxes. The ‘Hybrid’ MOSFET seems to be the best of both worlds as it features a magnetic trigger for optimal sensitivity and an optical selector for reliability. Not only does it increase sensitivity and allow for the usage of 11.1v Lipos in most AEGs, it also features many programmable options such as:

  • Adjustable sensitivity on the trigger
  • Active break with multiple levels of power
  • Pre-cocking with spring release feature
  • Programmable firing modes (Burst etc.)
  • Binary Trigger
  • 2 Stage Trigger
  • ROF Reduction
  • DMR Mode
  • DSG Mode
  • Diagnostics System
  • LED Lights to indicate programming mode
  • And many more…

This MOSFET truly has an exceptionally large variety of customisation and programmable features to make your AEG your very own! I found the instruction manual (a QR Code which takes you to the website) to be highly informative and helpful.



I started off installing the V3 into an E&L AK12 which proved to be a bit of a challenge. The MOSFET itself went in nice and easy but when it came to installing the bit of plastic for the selector plate, there were some problems. The online manual showed an incredibly detailed and useful image which explained where to place the selector sensor on multiple different AEG Branded selector plates (Cyma, LCT and E&L etc.). Unfortunately for me, the E&L AK12 uses a different selector plate entirely different to the standard E&L AEGs (this is obviously not Perun’s fault). So, the first attempt at installation was a failure as I followed the image on where to place it which was totally incorrect for this AEG. The second time I had taken the AK Apart, I followed their other method of installation which shows you where to place it using the exposed selector sensors on the outside of the gearbox. This method then worked perfectly. The Perun MOSFET has almost transformed the E&L completely and made it into a whole new beast!

Perun Airsoft Hybrid V3 MOSFET 02

The rest of the install was nice and easy. All I had to do was remove the old wiring loom from the gearbox and replace it with the new trigger unit, ensuring the sector gear does not interfere with the MOSFET and performance. Also, the magnetic plate for the trigger was once again, nice, and easy to install. It just replaces the old one and is a direct fit.

Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3 03

Once they were correctly installed, I measure out my wiring, cut it to size and soldered on the spade connector for the motor and soldered the signal wire to the positive wire just before the Deans connector. Be very careful of the signal wire, it is very thin and can easily get caught and stripped on a part of the gearbox, this will short out the MOSFET and kill it completely!

Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3 04


Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3 05

My only qualm with the V3 MOSFET must be that selector sensor. It was incredibly fiddly and rather difficult to install as you have to file down the piece to the exact size for your selector plate and then use a binding agent to attach it securely. I personally used up all 3 tabs they included in the box just trying to install it into one AK AEG. Personally, I prefer the old method of using selector stickers on the plate, like they used in the Hybrid V2.


Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3

This leads me on quite nicely to the installation of the MOSFET into my Evolution E-416 which had a burnt out ETS-III! The Perun hybrid was extremely easy to install into my 416, all I needed to do was remove the old trigger unit and screw the new one in place and screw on the magnetic plate for the trigger its self. The manual showed me exactly where to place my selector plate sticker, making this a very pleasant and truly ‘drop in’ install!

Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 2 02


Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 2 03


Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3 04


Perun Airsoft Hybrid Version 3 04

So far, I cannot fault the MOSFETs, the trigger on my E-416 is actually so sensitive that I had to turn it down 2 levels as I found myself out there on the field accidentally firing just by resting my finger on the trigger!

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