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WE XDm Gas Blowback Pistol (Video Review)

WE XDm Gas Blowback Pistol (Video Review)

(Editor's note: Text here is the transcript of this video review as done by Mooondog) Take an Austrian Glock, add in spoonful of Swiss SigSaur and a hint of American 1911 and you'll get a Croatian dish in shiny American packaging known as the Springfield XDM by WE Airsoft.


The XD is the American name for the HS2000, a pistol designed and built by the Croatian firm HS Produkt. Spring Field Armory negotiated a license to sell the HS2000 in the US under the name XD which stands for eXteme Duty. The XD is marketed toward Glock fans in Law Enforcement and civilian market.


Due to trademark issues, the XD is not currently available for sale in the US but you can buy spare parts from many US retailers. We assembled a gun by buying replacement parts: a complete slide set with barrel and a lower frame set, which includes a magazine.


The XD is essentially a copy of a Glock with design details taken from other pistols. It has a Glock style trigger, a Sig style slide lock and a frame obviously inspired by the P99. The XD is noted for copying the Colt 1911's grip angle but the back of the grip is closer to the slide, so it draws and sights more like a Glock than a 1911 or M9. It's safety features include a Glock-style 2-stage trigger, a trigger lock under the barrel and a 1911 style grip safety.

The frame is polymer and the slide is metal as in the real gun. The texture on both looks realistic, though the faux Parkerized finish scratches off rather easily as with most WE pistols. The slide has both front and rear serrations for a positive grip when racking. It has highly detailed, moulded model markings on the slide, indicating this is a replica of the .40 cal model with a 4.5" barrel. The sights are M9 style 3 dots. It features a mock loaded chamber indicator and in a nice touch of realism, it has a functional pin on the back of the frame, which pops out indicating when the gun is cocked and ready to fire.

The grip is reminiscent of a Walther P99, with a deeply grooved, non- slip pattern and broad thumb rest. Like a P99, it comes with 2 customizable backstrap panels for larger hands. The magazine has a stainless steel finish with a design that looks more M9 than a Glock. The magazine has a 25 BB capacity in a staggered pattern with gas efficiency comparable to WE's other 9mm style double-stack magazines: expect to shoot about 1.5 mags worth of BBs per gas fill.


  • At a 77º F ambient temperature with green gas, the gun fired around 300fps using .20g Bbs
  • <1" lateral deviation from 20", firing from a bench rested position (3" tight group)
  • Blowback was crisp


WE's XD is one of the most eagerly anticipated gun designs to come to airsoft. It takes a Glock's best traits and adds additional features in an ergonomic and futuristic design. WE has done a great job in creating a replica that captures many of the XD's finer details. And if you're a Glock shooter, this may be your next favorite pistol.


Moondog is the founder of Moondog Industries and New York's definitive guide to airsoft: NYCAirsoft.