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ROE Extreme Visit Part 1: Open Day

ROE Extreme Open Day

Located literally just a stone throw away from the ROE Airsoft shop in Hadleigh here in Essex is probably the first purpose built indoor all-in-one airsoft place. The word extreme is an understatement when it comes to trying to describe this place. ROE Extreme is the brain child of ROE Airsoft top boss Greg “MR. G” Bull, and it is housed within a purpose built building. It houses its own airsoft shop, computer controlled airsoft shooting range, and the baddest and meanest CQB kill house that you can ever imagine.

The ground floor comprises the control room for the entire building. From here, staff can control the shooting range as well as all the lighting, special effects and target acquisition mission games of the CQB area on the first floor. The ground floor also contains the in-house airsoft shop and a family/visitor area where guests and players can chill out and watch everything that is happening via large monitors that show the latest shooting range times and records and also watch the action upstairs in the CQB area via the numerous CCTV cameras that broadcast live feed to a huge TV monitor. This is a one-stop airsoft place, so players need not worry about forgetting their gas or BBs as the in-house shop has offerings from the most basic airsoft needs to eyewear, tactical gloves, vests and even GBBs and AEGs, as long as ROE Airsoft have it, you will be able to buy it from here.

The first floor of ROE Extreme is something that you will have to see to believe. The guys at ROE have created a one of a kind CQB deathmatch arena that is well thought of and constructed to the highest specifications. The airsoft experience of the ROE staff is very evident in the construction of this place. It is made of tight, short and dark corridors that are cleverly placed to get the most out of the area that was available. From the control room downstairs, staff can control smoke machines, sound effects and, from what I understand, even secret sliding walls that open and close at the push of a button, just to confuse the players even more.

ROE Extreme is a members-only club therefore you will be assured that only the best players in the area have been invited as the pioneering members of the club. Members can buy tickets to use to play whichever game they wish to play. Games available to play as of the time I am writing this article are: the computerized shooting range, Target acquisition within the CQB area and time-limited Team Death match.

Our congratulations to MR G and the entire ROE Staff for creating this awesome place where airsofters can come together and enjoy the sport.

For more information about membership, games prices and game times, visit the ROE Facebook page or simply visit them in person at ROE Airsoft in Hadleigh. More photos of ROE Extreme at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.