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"Snipers Inc." On The National Geographic Channel

Ronnie Barrett

Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, the company behind the famed Barrett Sniper Rifles, will be featured by the National Geographic Channel on the 27th of June. Whilst the company and its products have been featured so many times and Barrett has become a household name amongst firearms enthusiasts, this is the first time that a documentary takes you to the inner workings of the company.

In their press release:

National Geographic Television announced this week that Barrett and its founder, Ronnie Barrett, along with son and daughter, Chris and Angela Barrett, will be showcased in a one-hour documentary on Monday, June 27th at 8:00 p.m. Central Time.

Ronnie Barrett said, “Our story has been shown before on national television, but either as something specific to the firearms industry or a political stance that we’ve taken on behalf of Second Amendment rights. This documentary by National Geographic explains how our family business functions on a day-to-day basis and how Chris, Angela and I interact with our employees to produce quality products while planning for future growth.”

If you're not in the US as it will be shown at 8:00pm Central Time, check your NatGeo channel TV schedule to verify if it's going to shown locally.

I would not elaborate much on the Barrett rifles as they've been the stuff of legends in the hands of the most capable snipers in the world. The founder of the company, Ronnie Barrett, was originally a professional photographer, who conceptualised a .50 calibre rifle after photographic two Browning machineguns on a river patrol boat. His first major client was the CIA who ordered his rifles to arm Mujihadeens in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets.

Both of his children, Christopher, who is also a familiar face on TV, and Angela, also work for the company after graduating from school. Ronnie Barrett is also known to be among 4 individuals whose gun designs were adopted by the US Military, along with John Garand, John Browning, and Eugene Stoner.

For Barrett rifles fans, it's time to free up some time to watch this show.