Special Feature: IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 Day 1 Report


One of the things I dread when going to the Nuremberg Messe for the IWA Outdoor Classics is the traffic--- vehicular and foot traffic. The IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 is no exception, as when we thought we arrived early just to beat the morning traffic, there were already people already lined-up to get their visitor badges and long queues of cars waiting to get inside the parking areas.  But at least for the press visitors, the line was the shortest than the rest.

But of course, more cars and more people means a big event, so that means its good for the organisers of the IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 and the exhibitors inside the cavernous halls of Nuremberg Messe.

After quick update of the website and checking of emails at the Press Room, Dom and I were ready to start the first day  of IWA Outdoor Classics 2016 and the first exhibition area the we hit was the RedWolf Airsoft booth and it was already busy on the first hour of the event. Already, there were people checking all the products on display.

Paul Chu, the CEO of RedWolf Airsoft, greeted us and led us to the rest of the RedWolf Airsoft team, such as Chris Kong, Danny Lau, Tim Shelby, Max, Lai, and more. As always, the tireless Clarence “The Airsoft Surgeon” was there as well. Max Lai quickly brought us to the RWA display to bring us up to date on their to be released offering, the RWA Agency Arms pistols and kits. The Agency Arms pistols were good looking ones and airsoft players would be in for a treat with one of the pistols on display. But we'll let Max tell you why and that means you'll have to wait for the video which we shall upload next week. From there we checked once again the great performing RWA Nighthawk blowback pistols that Dom likes so much.

Soon after we checked out the latest in the Tokyo Marui line-up, the M4A1 MWS and the AA-12. As we have already reviewed the MWS, we were more keen to have a closer look at the AA-12 as it was our first time to see up close and personal. Just like what Tokyo Marui promised before they released the AA-12, it is a good looking shotgun with its triple barrel, triple hop-up, and FET features.

Tim Shelby of RWTV showed us the upcoming GHK Steyr AUG gas blowback bullpup and the display unit was impressive and really go to hold. Take down is easy and just like the real steel firearm. Charging handle sounds good when tested. Too bad we cannot do a test fire of the rifle inside the venue.

It was already 1100H as the means that it was up for our next appointment, which was Action Sport Games (ASG). Thomas Mikkelsen was there on hand to talk about the upcoming ASG EVO Inferno, which is the HPA-powered ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 A1 using the Wolverine Airsoft Inferno HPA engine. It will be the first fully HPA-powered airsoft gun from ASG and should gert HPA airsoft fans worked up with this. Interesting stuff also is the ASG CZ SP-01 Shadow blowback pistol that airsoft practical shooters can consider as their race gun with accessories available for the purpose of Airsoft IPSC.  The anticipated ASG Bren 805 is on display as well and we cannot wait for it to be released. They also have the Devil AEG series made specifically for airsoft players who play like devils. As for the Dan Wesson 715 Revolvers, they were on display in full glory.

After ASG, we visited more booths to set up appointments and rushed to the Press Room for a quick lunch and do some website updates. So far, our day is just really beginning.

After lunch, up next was Modify-Tech, where Jane Liu and her crew were there waiting for to tell more about the XTC-G1 Carbine AEG. Finally released, the XTC-G1 is getting raves from many serious airsoft players with the thought that went into its design, externally and internally. They will also be releasing CQB version for players wanting a more compact XTC-G1.

Right after Modify-Tech, it's another Taiwanese airsoft company to visit – Star Rainbow Company (SRC). On display are some interesting airsoft carbines with the Wirecutter/LVOA type rail and they do look good. SRC still are using their tried and tested Gen III gearboxes as seen  in their SR4 AEG series.  For those familiar with the Valken Tactical Battle Machines or own of them, those are made by SRC for Valken.

The last booth we visited for the day, was at Gunfire booth which is teeming with visitors checking out what they have on display and have their photos taken with the Gunfire ladies, also known as the GFC Calendar Girls. But we got busy quickly with Maroc being helpful enough to give us a guided tour of their booth. The SPECNA Arms, especially known for their SAEC quick spring release system were on display and another demo of the SAEC was done. Also on display were E&L Airsoft Gen 2 AK AEGs and a sample of the E&L Airsoft AR AEG. APS products designed for 3-Gun shooting such as the BOAR and the APS EMG SAI 870 Shotgun looked really good when inspected closely as well as the shotguns from PPX such as the XM-26 which can be used as a Masterkey. Chargers from Electro River, Armoured Claw Gloves, and Black Mountain Tactical Gear were also on display.

It was already 5pm when we were done with out video taking and getting out of the Messe was hellish due to traffic with visitors on their way home or back to their hotels. After being dropped off by Mike Belousov of Border War, and just making sure my room was cleaned up, the next date was dinner and a night out with Mike, Dom, Ronald and Luuk of NLAirsoft, and aRick of BunnyWorkshop. I think I forgot how I got back to the hotel as around 2 in the morning on a belly full of German beer,

More photos of Day 1 at the Popular Airsoft Facebook Page.

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