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Tacticool: MTEK's Predator Facial Armor System

MTEK Predator Fast G3A

I go back today to write about the maxillofacial protection systems since we have been mentioning these in our previous feature stories. This time, I go over the different products that MTEK Weapons Systems developed. Called the Predator Facial Armor System, these come in three different configurations and these cover different tactical situations. Dr. Airsoft of Airsoft Medicine highly approves the protective features of the Predator Facial Armor System, though he readily points out some flaws in these such as hearing yourself loud or the inability to hear background noise to detect the OPFOR approaching.

Even with these flaws, the protective features of the Predator Facial Armor System would trump the flaws, especially in airsoft where safety is more paramount than actual tactical concerns. While there are no replicas of these for the airsoft market, these are affordable enough, and money is usually no object when spending on protective gear.


Design for convoy operations. This model can also be used for checkpoint duties and room clearing/CQB operations. This model meets higher impact ballistic protection it is designe for close quarters. This cpme with the MWS Clear Blast Visor, 100D Cordura Cover, ACC Rail, and Team Wendy Zap pads.


The problem with facial protective gear, especially at the mandible area, is that using the cheek piece of rifles would become is not very feasible, and thus, aiming properly does not happen with users resorting to special scope mounts to adjust their optics/sighting equipment at a higher or even unsual configurations to zeroin their rifles. Also, the bulk of the mandible protection raises the head, which means the shooter's profile is further exposed. The FAST G36C was designed for using cheek piece and it flexes allowing the operator to further press his/her face to the stock's cheek piece, lowering the shooting profile and achieving proper aiming just like without wearing a mandible protection. This comes with an ACC rail to mount to the helmet.


Since both the FAST G3A and G3C aimed are restricted to those with Federal or State IDs and also more expensive (the G3A is US$649 while the G3C is US$419), the T3C is aimed for the training and milsim market, which airsoft is covered, but without the ballistic protection that its more expensive siblings provide. The protection provided by the FAST T3C is already more than adequate to use for airsoft and at US$89.00 (on sale right now at US$60), it is not a restricted item and thus, easy to purchase. It works the same as the FAST G3C, sans the ballistic protection. This is the product that Dr. Airsoft reviewed and highly recommends.


There are various accessories to use the Predator Facial Armor System. Starting with the Versa Mount, this allows you to mount the G-Series to various helmet types such as the ACH, LWC, TC-2XXX, etc. The ACC rail is a rail mount system that can be accommodated by the Versa Mount so you can attach some accessories such as helmet cams and rail-mounted tactical lighting. The MWS Blast Visor is designed more for the G3A to provide a complete facial armor protection system. With the G3C and T3C, you can use other ballistic goggles and glasses.