New Products For Fall 2021 From 5.11


It's the season that we start putting layers of clothing as we go out and for outdoors people and airsoft players, 5.11 just launch a line of layers and clothing for the cold weather. These should help you keep warm whilst being out on the road or being in the airsoft field. Press release below:

5.11 Announces Updated RUSH Series With RUSH 2.0


The popular RUSH Series of backpacks from 5.11 Tactical have been updated with the announcement of the RUSH 2.0. According to the company the best features of the series, since it was launched in 2007 have been maintained whilst improvements have been made to such as padded laptop compartment and other features as based on feedback from customers. Press release below:

New 5.11 Tactical Products For 2021


5.11 Tactical announce a bunch of new products for the year, which includes backpacks, hydration, training gear, battle belts, footwear, and more. If you are interested in getting any of these, contact your nearest gear retailer or airsoft store to enquire when they are going to have these in stock. Press release below:

5.11 Officially Launches "Call To Service" Podcast Series


If you have been following 5.11 Tactical, you have probably have heard one of their episodes of their podcast series. According to them, the reception was overwhelming and decided to official launch it the podcast series which they call "Call to Service" which each episode to uploaded on Thursdays on major streaming platforms. Press release below:

5.11 & Offensive Marketing Group Team On "Rush - Alpha Team"


5.11 Tactical has been collaborating with different production and marketing outfits with Ubisoft being one of the more prominent ones. Now they have partnered with Offensive Marketing Group on "Rush - Alpha Team" a sci-fi show in which a team of Special Operators battle hostles in the North Atlantic "Hotzone". 5.11 Tactical gear are used in the show. Press release below:

SOCOM Tactical: 5.11 Flex Pistol Magazine Pouch


SOCOM Tactical features in the 5.11 Flex Pistol Magazine Pouch in this product presentation... "The 5.11 Flex Double Pistol Magazine Pouch is made from double layered 500D nylon which makes its hard wearing and durable. On the back is the Flex-HT TPU coated webbing system, which is full compatible with molle and has quick pull tabs for speedy removal.

5.11 Flex Admin Pouch At SOCOM Tactical


A handy pouch to have with you, SOCOM Tactical talks more about the features of the 5.11 Flex Admin Pouch they have in stock... "A low profile admin pouch that is ideal for storing your phone and admin items. It also has molle on the outside for attaching other pouches.

5.11 Double Pistol Case At SOCOM Tactical


SOCOM Tactical show the 5.11. Double Pistol Case that they have in stock in this product presentation... "A lightweight and highly functional pistol case, that is well designed to not just hold and protect your pistol, but to also hold the magazines and other accessories you may need.

5.11 Starts To Reopen Retail Stores


Walk-in stores of 5.11 Tactical are starting to re-open in the U.S.A. with health and safety measures being put into place in accordance to guidelines from authorities. If you plan on visiting any of the reopened stores, always keep in mind to follow their safety protocols so you will be allowed inside rather than asked to leave. Press release below:

5.11 Reopens Retail Stores as COVID-19 Restrictions Subside

A Thank You To Frontline Heroes From 5.11


Sometimes a thank you note for our frontliners will do if it comes from the heart, doing more than a thank you note is even better. The CEO of 5.11 Inc., Francisco Morales, has put out a message to frontliners that they are #togetherstrong" as that 5.11 will be giving 20% off to them as special gift from 4 to 10 May 2020 when they order from their products.

Dear 5.11 Friends:

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