XYL Unicorn Blaster First Look


Time to look at another blaster that uses NERF darts as Blaster-Time gives us a look at the XYL Unicorn Blaster. The XYL KM9 Unicorn Blaster is a compact and robust blaster made of high-quality materials like Nylon and Metal. It has many customization options, including a top prime grip or pump grip, slam-fire, and compatibility with Talon magazines. Their version comes with a full gas plungertube for maximum performance and a 1.6 spring installed.

AAP-01 DC-17 Star Wars Blaster Conversion Kit


3D printed kit that turns the Action Arm AAP-01 GBB Pistol into a DC-17 Blaster from Star Wars is presented by Wyhaq... "Today I take a look at the DC-17 Blaster conversion for AAP-01 by R3D. This blaster is famous for being Captain Rex's trusty primary in The Clone Wars animated TV show. The files can be found on cults3d.

May the force be with you!"

MiR Tactical: AceTech Blaster Is the Brightest Tracer


Slex explains why the AceTech Blaster is the brightest tracer unit available in the market in this MiR Tactical video... "Acetech Blaster Tracers for Airsoft light up the night and give your AEG or GBB a cool feature. Acetech tracers are rechargeable, light weight and versatile! "

Pheas Airsoft Unboxes The Acetech Blaster Tracer Unit


Pheas Airsoft does an unboxing and overview video of the Acetech Blaster Tracer Unit which he finds fun to use... "Many many thanks once again to Acetech for sending me this Blaster tracer unit (and the Brighter C too) to unbox and review!

I thoroughly enjoyed myself using this with the DE P80 and the KWA eve4 ICE."

Geonox Airsoft: Acetech Blaster & AC6000BT Chrono


It's a chrono and tracer unit from Acetech that Geonox Airsoft gets to review in this video... "Here we look at the Blaster Tracer and the AC6000BT Chrono from Acetech. What is special about the Blaster Tracer are its 3 modes. There is the normal tracer function. Then there are the simulated flames. And the third mode is Tracer plus Flames.

The AC6000BT is easy to use. The readings are accurate and you can connect the whole thing to your cell phone via Bluetooth."

AceTech Blaster Laser Tracer Light Show


In this MiR Tactical Vlog, Slex does a tracer light show with the Acetech Blaster... "Acetech Tracers for Airsoft light up the night and give your AEG or GBB a cool feature. Acetech tracers are rechargeable, light weight and versatile!  Today we went out and showed you how you can light up the sky!"

Acetech Blaster On Russian Rifles


Amped Airsoft shows tthat the Acetech Blaster can be mounted on Russian weapons designs, for airsoft of course... "Calling all Russian Rifle users! You can finally run an ACETECH Blaster on your rifle while maintaining authenticity! This Krinkov still maintains all of the awesome features of the Blaster unit!"

G&G GMG42 With integrated Muzzle Flash Generator


High marks for this mod done by TheMeta666 in integrating the AceTech Blaster internals to the G&G MG42 muzzle brake. It would be great to watch this in action especially during night airsoft games with both features, tracer and muzzle flash generator activated... "Internals from the AceTech Blaster Tracer Unit are integrated in the Muzzle Brake from this MG42 Airsoft gun...

I think it works great!"

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