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Classic Army

USAirsoft: CA M132 Microgun Review

In previous video, USAirsoft gives us a quick look at the new Classic Army M132 Microgun. A small and more affordable brother of the Classic Army Minigun, its small size packs a lot of fun. Now, we just hope not everyone is armed with it in the airsoft field, though it would still be fun. USAirsoft is back with a full review of this little monster.

BadaBingPictures: CA M132 Microgun Review

It looks like the new Classic Army M132 Microgun got another airsoft YouTuber as a fan and it is BadaBingPictures. Find out what he thinks about it in this review... "I've always wanted an Airsoft Minigun and now that Classic Army has brought their new affordable plastic fantastic Microgun to market, I think it's time for me to finally own one!"

Airsoft Atlanta: CA M4 KM12 Keymod AEG

Airsoft Atlanta introduces the Classic Army M4 KM12 KeyMod AEG that is said to be good as an entry-level AEG and costs just US$179.99 at their store... "The Classic Army M4 KM12 Skirmish AEG Black - NF004P is a great starter airsoft gun with a keymod style front rail system.

CA Micro Gun & Horny Unicorn M60

The title of this video by Scoutthedoggie will surely get your attention as he has his latest gameplay footage for everyone's viewing pleasure... "In this game two players patrol a road, between two teams, they are guarding objectives which the two teams are trying to capture, the more objectives the capture, the more points a team has and points mean prizes. Gary is using his new Classic army M132 (M134) microgun, James LeShirt is using an Ares M60 hidden underneath his horny unicorn."

Airsoftology: Classic Army M110 DMR AEG

Is it the best airsoft DMR AEG out there? Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs reviews the Classic Army M110 AEG. This has a length of 1005mm and usually has an initial muzzle velocity of 350-370fps. This has a CNC'd aluminium quad rail free float handguard and a full length A2 style stock which acts as a large battery compartment. It also comes with a 470-round high capacity magazine.

USAirsoft: Shooting The CA Microgun

USAirsoft goes into a BB-spewing fun when got his hands of the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun, the more affordable version of the Mini Gun... "What's More Fun Than This? I had a weekend with the Classic Army M132 Microgun and after all was done we found ourselves with $80 less dollars in our pockets. I never knew an airsoft gun could actually present a fear factor but when this Microgun hit the D14 Airsoft field it became the topic of discussion both positive and negative.

Swamp Sniper: Airsoft Minigun Boat Challenge

The Swamp Sniper, Unicorn Leah and Jet DesertFox go on board a Zodiac to try out the new Classic Army M132 Microgun... "Airsoft minigun boat challenge with the Classic Army M132 Microgun, Jet Desert Fox, Unicorn Leah, The Swamp Sniper, and a Navy SEAL Zodiac boat.  Red balloons are terrorists and white balloons are hostages.  Let's find out together how effective the new Classic Army M132 Microgun is with an amphibious assault at Ballahack Airsoft Field in Chesapeake Virginia."

CA M132 Micro Gun 48 RPS Motor Upgrade

Josh from Classic Army USA sent us an update on the Classic Army M132 Micro Gun as they will be releasing accessories to mount the Micro Gun on vehicles as well as a new 40 RPS motor upgrade... "Dominate the competition with the new 48 RPS motor upgrade for the M132 Micro Gun! For you Milsim teams, check out the new vehicle accessories coming in as well! More photos to follow!"

CA Micro Gun, JAG Scattergun & More

Some new and exciting airsoft guns will be arriving (or already are in stock) at Airsoft GI and they are taking pre-orders from airsoft players who want to be the first to own these. In this Airsoft GI Uncut video they show the Classic Army Micro Gun, the JAG Arms Scattergun, and the ASG Scorpions.

Gunfire: CA Micro Gun Pre-Order & More

If you just woke up and arrived at the office early before you start your day, better grab and big mug of coffee if you want to read this news as it is a long scroll down. Gunfire announces a series of new arrival from various brands such as RetroArms, CSI, CYTAC, PDI, TMC, Secutor Arms, and Acetech. Also, for those who have been seeking this mean baby, they are now taking pre-orders for Classic Army M132 Micro-Gun. Photos and links below: