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AABB Glock Carbine Conversion Kit

Glocks are just getting more flexible to use with these kits coming in. This AABB Glock carbine conversion kit turns your TM/KSC/Army Glock 17/18C gas blowback pistols into a submuchine gun to give you an even better hold and stable platform when targeting.

New "Funny Items" at eBaybanned

Nothing really funny here, but we just scratch our heads whenever eBaybanned send in news about their "new funny items this week". Below are the list of these new items, with a replica Merrell Sawtooth Boots in stock, which can be welcomed by those looking for this phased-out product. Other items are pouches, slings, magwell, M4 metal receiver, AR15 handguard, and cranestock that you might be interested in.

Latest items at eBaybanned

Sent in yesterday by the eBaybanned (or EB Airsoft if you prefer calling them that way). They have the Magpul PTS Logo Vinyl Cut Sticker Pack, and pouch for the Dummy GPS FX101, the 120-round and blue coloured PMAG, 1/6 figures, 5-in-1 Molle Magazine Pouch, Daniel Defense 9in Omega Rail, Claymore Muzzle Break, Magazine catch for the WA GBB, and finally, a steel trigger set for the WA M4. Click on the links below to learn more.

TMC Half Face Mask Coming Soon

Hmmmm. This product looks all too familiar. By the image shown, this product that will soon be available at eBaybanned is very similar to those made by Russian Company, Brass Guard. This is a half-face mesh mask that will allow you to comfortably breathe and at the same time protected. This can be adjusted to any eye protection you are wearing and recommended for CQB games.We cannot say if this tough up to 150m/s and no date of arrival at eBaybanned was indicated at their website.

New items at eBaybanned this week

Some new items made available at eBaybanned this week. This includes the MIC TD Style rail covers, G Symbology caps for different squad roles, the newly arrived AABB 49-roound KSC Glock 17 gas magazine, the not so new dummy Garmin FX101, and the Magpouch for M4 Magazines with Tek Lock. Just click on the links below to learn more... "Hi,  This week new items:

New items at eBaybanned

Some items worth looking at eBaybanned, especially those who collect 1/6 toy soldiers which they have three new models to choose from. Others are the AABB 49-Round Glock 17 gas magazine and QD silencer; velcro base for your MICH helmet; the BI plastic M4 magazine pouch with tek-lok; a dummy Garmin GPS FX101; and camo velcro watch bands available in several patterns.

James SKATE8 Rifle Case

This is a nifty bag which is available at eBayBanned priced at US$56.00. The G James Skate8 Rifle case can fit an assault rifle some tactical gear such as clothing, and case that's fit for a helmet, so that means one less bag to worry about such as carryall for other gear unless you carry stuff for a whole platoon. This can be hand carried or as backpack and for now it's available in black colour.

Beta Project Magpul FPG 3-in-1 Tactical Holster

The Magpul FPG kit for the KSC/KWA Glock 18c is now getting more accessories, though this is not really a new announcement but more details about this product is emerging. Available at eBaybanned, this holster can be used as shoulder holster, or mounted on on your MOLLE vest, or still, as a thigh/leg holster depending on the tactical situation you'll be playing in. Not cheap, but it's in cordura, priced at US$71.50.

Get Akimbo with this AABB KSC-Style 49-Round Glock 18 Magazine

This is sweet, but pricing at eBayBanned seemed to have forgotten how much this costs. This Glock 18 magazine made by AABB is based on the KSC version, and better grab at least two, plus two Glock 18 GBB pistols if you want to do a that irritating COD MW2 akimbo weapon hold. Or for the Magpul FPG kit if you want to convert your KSC Glock 18 into an SMG, which is even better. 

New goodies at eBayBanned

eBaybanned sent in news about new items they have in stock at their online store. Not really a long list of new products, but more a variety of their G TMC Combat Velcro caps in OD, Multicam, Marpat, and Khaki colours, and the the Battle Axe PEQ15 Red Laser sight and Flashlight in Dark Earth and Black colours. Just click on the link to learn more and as always, the prices already include free shipping.