Airsoft Sports: CYMA CM032 EBR AEG


Airsoft Sports give their take on the CYMA CM032 EBR AEG, or the CYMA M14 EBR AEG. Available in black and silver, this hefty AEG uses the Version 7 gearbox and comes with RIS rail, the stock pipe, the outer barrel, the bolt carrier, the iron sights are made of alloy of zinc and aluminum. The other parts such as grip, the retractable stock, and front grip are made of mainly of plastic. Weight is around 4kg.

Airsoft Alfonse M14 EBR AEG Gameplay


It's the heavy M14 EBR AEG that Airsoft Alfonse brought to the game in this video... "The M14 from MW2 is hands down my favorite DMR! Getting to play with it in Airsoft is just as fun!

Pew Pew Device - Stock Echo1 M14 Combat Master EBR - 330 FPS with .20G bb 1.2 J with .32G bb

Field - Paintball Explosion, East Dundee, IL Hosted by MIR Tactical."

Reapers Airsoft: G&G M14 EBR-L MOD 0 AEG Review


M14 EBRs in airsoft are still available and one that can be found at most reputable airsoft retailers is the G&G M14 EBR-L MOD 0 and Reapers Airsoft puts it through a 1 hour and 41 minute-long video review... "Hello guys, in this video we take a closer look at the G&G M14 EBR MOD 0. Unfortunately, this Airsoft / Softair comes without ETU / Mosfet, whereby a Mosfet can be retrofitted quickly. The Most Evil AEG


Find out what is the most evil AEG according to Matt in this video... "Greetings, Evildoers!  On this very special day, I, Bane, present to you the most EVIL AEG in existence!  The 6mmProShop M14 EBR, or better known as the Evil Black Rifle.  The perfect AEG for any evil villain."

Gunfire Instant Video: M14 EBR Bullpup


Here's another custom work from the GF Custom Division available at Gunfire, the M14 EBR Bullpup... "GF Custom Division is an idea born in the heads of the Gunfire airsoft team. We want to offer you the highest-quality replicas modified and configured by our team using the best, tested parts and accessories. No element of the replica is there for no reason - these are exactly the kind of configurations that we would like to use in the field.

CYMA M14 EBR AEG Flecktarn Paint Job


Legionitalia tells how he customised his CYMA M14 EBR AEG applying a Flecktarn camo pattern as  a paint job... "I got this in an Evike Mystery Box a little while ago. I was unimpressed with the weight as a DMR or whatever it was built for. I decided to turn it into a BB hosing LMG (for which it is definitely better suited for). First things first was to "Un-Silver" the Replica, and address a pretty serious chassis alignment issue.

Mach Sakai: G&G M14 EBR Review


Mach Sakai got one the admired M14 EBR AEGs in the market, the G&G Armament M14 EBR. This AEG is available in short and long versions with different colours to choose from. This AEG has licensed SAGE markings, an initial muzzle velocity of 330fps (this one though meets Japanese limits which is 0.98 joules) and comes with a 40 round magazine. Mach Sakai, as always, checks it for accuracy and performance.

Aces Airsoft: Classic Army MK14 EBR Scout


Aces Airsoft gets another Classic Army AEG to review and it is the good old Classic Army MK14 Scout EBR AEG. This AEG has a CNC Metal Receiver with a functional bolt and catch release. The 6-position retractable skeletal stock also has the adjustable cheek rest. This comes witha 470-round Marui-compatible magazine.

G&G GR14 EBR Long AEG Review


Latest review from Hyperdouraku covers the G&G GR14 EBR Long AEG. Based on the M14 Enhanced Battle Rifle, the GR14 EBR weighs 4.5kg is made of CNC'd Aluminium with reinforced barrel stabilisation. It also has a functional Bolt and Catch Release. Find out more about the GR14 EBR in this review and where this AEG is weakest.

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