6mmProShop "Pilot" Face Mask Quick Look


A combination of a lower face mesh mask and google, the 6mmProShop "Pilot" Face Mask is available at Evike.com. This gives full face protection and iIntegrates well with popular helmets. It comes with spare lenses and modular helmet attachment, It is compatible with most helmets with ARC Rail style adapters and has passed ANSI Z80.3 drop ball test.

Push Unit Face Masks At Airsoft GI


More full face masks alternatives are available at Airsoft GI show the Push Unit Face Masks that they have in stock... "Kevin is can be recognized on the field for his black and gold Dye Mask. Push Paintball has arrived and is causing him to second guess his life choices! Lets see what Kevin has to say about the new kids on the block!"

Airsoft Mandalorian Helmet vs Cheap Face Mask + Goggles


OneWiseLabs compares the expensive Mandalorian-style helmet for use in airsoft games to a cheap face mask and goggles combo. Is it worth the money in getting one? Watch the video... "In this video, we compare a $130 Airsoft Mandalorian Helmet's pros and cons to A $25 Mesh Face Mask! Enjoy!"

Evike.com Preventive Protective Face Mask (Non-N95)


Whilst shopping at the Evike.com online store, you might want to check out their Evike.com Preventive Protective Face Mask if you are looking for one for everyday use... "Dear Friends, The Evike.com team would like to take a moment to thank you for your patronage and wish you all good health.

During these tough times we should all try to do what we can and help one another to get through this pandemic.

Airsoftology With The Empire EVS HUD


A face mask with a heads up display is shown by Jonathan Higgs in this Airsoftology unboxing video. What we know that the features are mainly for paintball but is this one can be used for airsoft? Let's find out more... "Jonathan unboxes the Empire EVS HUD, complete with a fully functioning heads up display... Could this be the goggle system of the future?"

Honeywell Uvex S8500 Airsoft Test


Shortbarrel Shephered tests this Honeywell Uvex S8500 Face Mask if it can stand the rigors of airsoft... "I test the UVEX S8500 face shield sold by Honeywell. It held up to Airsoft pellets at about five feet, but the shield was slightly malformed by the rounds. I would not recommend it for a self defense student doing force on force training, nor would I recommend it for Airsoft players.

Lancer Tactical Multicam Face Mask Review


Check out this review of the Lancer Tactica Multicam Face Mask by Airsoftology if you dig looking like Bane, the arch nemesis of Batman in The Dark Night Rises. Watch the video if Jonathan Higgs can pull off the Bane impression... "Looking for a mask that's different from the rest? This one may be it."

AMS Exclusive Balaclava Face Masks


Another line of products under their brand... "Airsoft Megastore is proud to announce our own line of balaclava face masks. Much like our exclusive patches and tees, we designed these high quality and unique balaclava with airsoft players in mind. So give yourself an unique flair and take a look at the 3 different styles we have in 3 different colors. Styles include Ghost, Joker, and Stitch in black, tan, and olive drab green. The best news is, they won’t break the bank!

Koei Tactical Infantry Face Shield


This looks like a very familiar face mask. Anyway, this is under a Japanese company and guaranteed to provide protection to your great looking face up to 650fps and it's made out of high-impact non-toxic polycarbonate. Of course you will need some eye protection to complete the full face protection. This costs US$12.00 at Evike.com.

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