RWTV's Umarex GHK Glock 17 Gen 3 Review


The airsoft pistol revolution begins according to the RedWolf Airsoft TV with the new Umarex GHK Glock 17 Gen 3 GBB Pistol with the Asia version expected to be shipping anytime now. A highly anticipated airsoft pistol, this has real caps as well as matching a lot of details of the real Glock 17 Gen 3 making a good training weapon. So is the hype real? Watch the video...

GHK Cybergun Colt M4 RAS 14.5" V2 GBBR Review


Timerzanov Airsoft goes over the GHK Colt M4 RAS 14.5" V2 GBBR made in cooperation with Cybergun... "I offer you the review of a GBBR, a novelty from CYBERGUN in collaboration with GHK! The firm offers a M4 RAS V2 14.5 "GBBR replica with a quality body with a realistic finish and official licensed COLT markings.

4UAD Grading System Challenge: GHK M4A1 RIS V2


Watch and listen carefully as 4UAD Smart Airsoft puts the GHK M4A1 RIS V2 GBB Rifle through its Grading System Challenge... "We all have heard great things about the GHK M4A1, but how good is it? We believe it is still mysterious, the most of performance information we could find were somewhat biased, and some people absolutely love this gun while some others just don't.

Airsoft Locos' GHK MK18 MOD1 GBBR Quick Look


Another rather very quick video from Airsoft Locos showing the GHK MOD1 Gas Blowback Rifle... "The M4 carbine and M16 are not ideally suited for all missions, so it was proposed that the modularity of the M16 series would allow a user to replace the upper receiver of an existing weapon with one more suitable to the task.

GHK AKM Full Metal GBB Rifle With Real Wood


Next GHK GBB rifle for Airsoft Locos to do a quick presentation is the GHK AKM GBB Rifle with Real Wood Kit... "This is the new GHK AKM GBB Rifle. This gun features an Airsoft GBB rifle made out of as much steel as possible to imitate the prefect collector's item. The internals are also a solid metal reinforced setup that have been redesigned with optimal performance in mind. The gas system has been designed to deliver a more realistic hard kick when fired.

GHK RPK Full Metal GBB Rifle Quick View


Airsoft Locos put another quick view video of the GHK RPK Gas Blowback Rifle that is available a Weapon762... "If there was anything out there that is close to the real steel version, it would be this beauty. With its wood and steel construction, it gives it that weight and you can definitely feel it as you pull the trigger. The recoil is not light and would surprise you. If only it had come with a Drum magazine. That would have the RPK rated highly in the badassery scale!

Airsoft Locos: GHK AKS74U Full Metal GBB Rifle


Another very quick look video from Airsoft Locos featuring the GHK AKS74U GBB Rifle with real wood and stamped receiver. Other features of this GBB is full metal barrel assembly, alloy and steel parts. As a Gas Blowback it produces a hard kick recoil as well as realstic blowback action.

WE vs GHK vs VFC Gas Blowbacks


Josef Mucha compares the AR-style gas blowback from three Taiwan-based airsoft manufacturers, WE Airsoft, GHK Airsoft, and VFC. Which do you think you would choose when picking your AR gas blowback rifle? They have their plus and minuses, but the deciding factor is always the performance in the field.

Too bad the Marui MWS is not included. Nevertheless, an interesting comparison.

GHK AUG GBB-R HPA-Tapped High Capacity Magazine Build


Explosive Enterprise show how they created a HPA-powered GHK AUG Gas Blowback Rifle using an HPA-tapped Marui high capacity AUG AEG magazine... "Here's the process of splicing together a GHK AUG magazine, a spare GHK AUG mag shell, a Tokyo Marui hi-cap, and some basic fittings to produce a hi-cap magazine for the GBBR AUG.

GHK AK105 Alpha With Full Travel Kit


Kakasi Tactical brings to the field the GHK AK105 Gas Blowback Rifle that has been fitted with the W&S FulL Travel Kit. With the travel kit, the bolt travel distance has been imroved from 85mm to 115mm resulting and event better kick. It is made of steel and can be easily installed on the GBB rifle and this also includes a reinforced hammer.

Here is the list of the additional improvements to this rifle:

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