NovaSteel Helmet Endurance Test


Adept posted a video showing how the NovaSteel Helmet holds up to this endurance test that can reflect real world conditions... "When it comes to durability, one helmet stands head and shoulders above the pack, and this is something we wanted to demonstrate.  So we took a few helmets down to the range, together with a .357 Magnum revolver firing FPJ ammo from PPU.

The first helmet, a Czech M53, was penetrated almost instantly.  This highlights the shortcomings of 20th century steel helmets.

Team Wendy EPIC Specialist and EXFIL 3.0 SL Ballistic Helmet


Custom Night Vision talk about the Team Wendy Helmet they carry at their store... "We've been carrying Team Wendy products for awhile now and we're excited to offer their latest ballistic helmet design, the Epic Ballistic Specialist helmet. This is a great option for those who are looking for a ballistic helmet on a budget but don't want to give up the Team Wendy features everyone has come to love."

ACH Setup In Woodland Pattern


Just a quick tutorial by The Mobile Cannon setting up the ACH using the Woodland Camo pattern as helmet cover. The Advanced Combat Helmet (ACH) is a lighter helmet designed to replace the PASGT helmet. It features a pre-drilled night vision goggle mount, improved suspension system for better fit, and higher side trim for increased protection.

Emerson Bump vs. Ops-Core FAST Carbon Helmet


A comparison of a US$50 and US$400 helmets in this video by Thin Line Defense... "Looking for the best high-cut helmet for your airsoft loadout? Weighing between the budget-friendly Emerson Bump and the premium Ops-Core FAST Carbon? This video breaks it down for you!

We put both helmets to the test, comparing weight, comfort, customization, price, and overall value. Which one reigns supreme?"

ONLYEST Tactical Headset & Helmet Review


Maydaysan Airsoft got a tactical headset and helmet from ONLYEST to review if he can recommend them for airsoft use... "Today we talk about Airsoft Headsets and why you may need them for the sport! As well as a review of the ONLYEST Tactical Headset and Helmet!"

Beginner Tactical Helmet Setups


In a comprehensive demonstration, The Jackal provides a step-by-step guide on how to assemble a tactical helmet. The setup includes an array of equipment such as the OPS-CORE FAST SF NVG System, OPS-CORE AMP, and The Blast Gauge System. The helmet is adorned with an OPS-CORE FAST SF Helmet Cover and is equipped with an OPS-CORE Old Gen Battery Pouch. Additional accessories include the HEL-Star gen6, a GoPro camera for recording, and the OPS-CORE SOTR and SOTR LITE.

AMNB Overview: Schuberth M100


Chris Bravo kicks off 2024 for the Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) with an overview of the Schuberth M100 helmet... "When it comes down to “Brain Buckets” which protect your head from being hit, you should only trust the best system available on the market (fancy looks aside!). Is the SCHUBERTH M100 the system you should look for in 2024? You find that out in this article so, be our guest and enjoy the read."

The BB Warrior's Budget Tactical Helmet Setup


Another round of tips from The BB Warrior as shows how to setup a helmet especially if you are on a budget. In this episode, he uses an ACH replica to setup his which includes helmet cover and a mount for mounting a night vision device. Watch carefully if you want to maximise your budget.

Casco FAST SF Super High Cut Helmet


Simply Aritz shows the Casco FAST SF Super High Cut Helmet which is part his ultimate gear project. This is based on the FMA copy of OPS-CORE. The new FAST SF helmets feature a Vented Lux Liner that offers 360-degree impact protection, as well as a new fit band that allows the wearer to remove the helmet and still wear communications. The Super High Cut helmet gives users 1/2" more space around the ears, and there is a new Velcro pattern for both helmets.

The MSA TC APH Helmet Of The KSK


AirsoftInCT continues explaining the gear of the German KSK going over the MSA TC APH Helmet this time... "Hey guys! This video goes over a couple of my MSA TC APH helmets! This helmet has been used by multiple European countries on top of the specialized units in the Bundeswehr."

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