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RWC Inokatsu Colt M4 CQB GBB w/ PEQ

You like what you see? Better cough up US$1,479.00 for the RWC Inokatsu Colt M4 CQB with a PEQ Box and with a Battleworn Cerakote paintjob... "With this version, INOKATSU has improved upon their previous 2011 version M4 GBB designs with an improved bolt for greater durability and more stable performance.

RWTV: Inokatsu Colt M4 CQB GBB-R

Find out if this new Inokatsu Colt M4 CQB Gas Blowback Rifle, based on the feedback of customers of RedWolf Airsoft is the Inokatsu for the masses. Marck tells more in this episode of RWTV...

RWTV: Inokatsu COLT Series 70 Silver

Marck of RWTV goes into the shelves of RedWolf Airsoft to check out a fine airsoft pistol, the Inokatsu Colt Series 70 Silver. This gas blowback pistol works with CO2 as well as the 1911 gas magazine made by KJ Works. It's hard to find one of these nowadays and it is out of stock at the RedWolf Airsoft online store.

Angry Gun Ambi Charging Handle Series

To be released in February 2016 by Angry Gun are a series of Ambidextrous Charging Handles for M4 airsoft rifles. Whether for gas blowbacks, which includes the new Tokyo Marui M4A1 MWS, or AEGs, they have a charging handle designed to fit most M4s on the airsoft market.

RWC Inokatsu Special Missions Carbine

Still got money to burn for your Holiday shipping? Here's one airsoft gun you might want to consider if you want a premium airsoft gun for 2016. For US$1,199, you can get the RWC Inokatsu Special Missions Carbine GBB at RedWolf Airsoft... "With this version, the RWC INOKATSU M4 has improved upon their previous 2011 version M4 GBB designs with an improved bolt for greater durability and more stable performance.

Inokatsu M4 MTW SOPMOD Free Shipping

UN Company announced that they will be offering free shipping on orders of the premium Inokatsu MTW SOPMOD GBB Super Version. A desired airsoft gas blowback rifle due to its attention detail and can be mistaken to be a real steel rifle, this costs US$1,050 at UN Company. If you avail of free shipping, you are limited to 5 pieces. Time for your team to take the chance of owning one if price is not a problem.

RWTV: Inokatsu P226 GBB Pistol

The Inokatsu P226 GBB Pistol is now out and in stock at RedWolf Airsoft. Tim of RWTV gives us a closer look at this premium airsoft pistol... "It is very difficult to come across an Airsoft gun that replicates the real steel version to a t. It is literally impossible, but you can get really close. This is exactly what Inokatsu did with their latest GBB Pistol.

RWA: Inokatsu SIG SAUER P226 Debuts

Previously, we have posted news about the new Inokatsu Sig Sauer P226 Pistol which is being sold right now at RedWolf Airsoft for an eye-popping US$1,290.00, making it one of the most expensive airsoft pistols in the market. We are updating the news as this pistol is being marketed by RWA, which handles the premium line of airsoft guns for RedWolf Airsoft, including their own branded and fully-licensed airsoft guns. Press release below:

Inokatsu SIG SAUER P226 CO2 Version

Prepare some serious money if you want to own this Inokatsu SIG SAUER P226 Rail CNC Steel CO2 Version as you will need US$1,290 just to get this from RedWolf Airsoft... "When it comes to quality CO2 gas blow back pistols, the name, Inokatsu, comes to mind. This is because they are very well known for their 1911 series.

eHobby Asia: 5.11 Spring 15% OFF Last Call

It's the final call from eHobby Asia with their 5.11 Tactical 15% Off Spring Promo, so better take your chance in getting 5.11 gear at a discounted price. For Inokatsu M4 GBB owners, you can get now spare parts that you have been looking for. Other new products are a M107  AEG from Snow Wolf and an M84 CO2 Pistol from Wingun. Accessores now in stock are those from Airsoft Masterpiece, Lenser Lighting, Leatherman Multitools, and the Magpul iPhone 6 field case.