King Arms TWS 9mm GBB Japanese Prototype


Gunsmith BATON got their hands of an upcoming gas blowback version of the King Arms TWS series that is destined for the Japanese airsoft market this summer... "TWS 9mm GBB Japanese version (134a / 152a gas specification) prototype video under development at King Arms x BATON. It took almost two months to get this far, but now I can shoot the Steel Challenge comfortably! There are still some improvements before it goes on sale, but we are working hard to launch it in the summer of 2021!"

King Arms Black Mamba CO2 Blowback Review


Kazuya Kaneko, Gunsmith BATON's store manager, guest writes for Hyperdouraku, reviewing the  King Arms Black Mamba CO2 Blowback Carbine. If it looks familiar to you, it is basically a redesign of the King Arms M1 Carbine Paratrooper Gas Blowback Rifle that they equipped with a Picatinny rail for easy mounting of weapons accessories though players had mixed feelings about a classic rifle being modded.

Increasing The King Arms M1 Carbine Mag Capacity


SOCOM Tactical got this quick howto video to show you how to mod the King Arms M1 Carbine Magazine and give it a higher capacity to carry BBs... "Here we take a look at how to modify a King Arms M1 Carbine magazine to hold more rounds and to install a follower to allow the bolt to be held open on an empty magazine."

King Arms M1A1 Carbine GBB


Watch this review of the King Arms M1A1 Carbine Gas Blowback by PLW Review in 4K resolution if you have the right screen and bandwidth to do so... "Today we introduce you to a beautiful GBB from King Arms. This is particularly suitable for filmmakers, collectors and reenactors."

King Arms CAA M4A1 CQB AEG Overview


Mr. Airsoft is impressed with the King Arms CAA M4A1 CQB AEG (known also as the CAAAD M4S1 AEG) and explains it in this overview video... "This gun is a beast. My brother has had it for about two-and-a-half years with zero issues. It has only been cleaned once, by me, just with silicone oil in the inner barrel (which I will not be using as a cleaning method anymore).

King Arms M1 Carbine FPS Downgrade Tips


If you need to downgrade the King Arms M1 Carbine to meet the game site's FPS limit, SOCOM Tactical is here to help and show you how to do it yourself. The King Arms M1 Carbine is a CO2 powered airsoft gun which has an initial muzzle velocity of 430 fps. There is a paratrooper version for those who prefer that model... "Here we take a look at how to downgrade the FPS on a King Arms M1 Carbine."

Kings Arms Quick Change Spring AEG Gearbox Build


Airsoft ᗰᗩᖇᔕᕼᗰEᒪᒪOᗯ explains how he went about with this build in this video... "For the Improvement, I have finally got to work on the Bolt AEG gearbox shell. Since the start, I have had this Bolt AEG to work with. The gearbox shell has been a nightmare from day one. Mostly, align everything when putting the box back together; last time it took multipul tries and a few hours to get it done.

King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Silenced Red M-Lok Version


A more spruced up version of the King Arms PDW 9mm SBR Shorty AEG is in the market and you can find at authorised sellers worldwide. This is lightweight as it is mainly made of Nylon-Fibre with a 7-position retractable PDW-style stock and aluminum alloy 6.25-inch M-LOK handguard. The 8mm bearing gearbox has an inline MOSFET. This usually comes with a 100-round 9mm-style midcap magazine. S.O.S Airsoft gives a walkthrough of the features of this AEG.

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