King Arms EMG MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle


Two videos from King Arms showing the gas charging and bolt carrier of the EMG MK18 Gas Blowback Rifle. This is a fully licensed gas blowback and should be released soon in the USA via which owns EMG. More choices now for gas blowback airsoft MK18.

King Arms Thompson M1928 Chicago At Strike Planet


The favourite of Chicago gangsters, the M1928 Thompson, is available in airsoft form made by King Arms and in stock at Strike Planet. The receiver is full metal and has a one piece fluted outer barrel with the 9mm gearbox now equipped with a MOSFET. The wood kits are actually polymer made to look like highly polished wood.

Jeff The Kid On The King Arms Tactical M2 Carbine


Can you mount an action camera and other accessories on an old weapon design? That's the question that Jeff The Kid wants to answer with the King Arms Tactical M2 GBB Carbine... "If you want to start a sports camera, take advantage of it now! I believe that there should be many players who want to bring their old guns off the field like me, but due to the early gun design, they can’t fit modern tactical accessories.

King Arms TWS9 GBB Rifle Review


Clyde Santos gives his take on the most recent gas blowback rifle from King Arms, the TWS9 GBB... "At last! They already released at Pistol caliber Carbine GBBR that uses Glock mag!

Anyway this video helps you for your purchase :)

If you are in the PH you can check CS Pro Custom for more GBB customization and parts."

Jeff The Kid: King Arms M2 GBB Carbine


Jeff the Kid checks out what recently came out of King Arms' factory, the M2 Carbine, the selective fire version of the M1 Carbine... "If I was born 10 years earlier, I might have the opportunity to receive the Marushin M2 carbine. Unfortunately, it has always been a part of my regret that I did not have this. Until King Arms released this M2 carbine, I rekindled my hope of collecting the U.S. World War II gun. And this one is very special.

King Arms TWS 9mm SBR Gas Blowback Rifle Internals


Qmoer Airsoft shows the internals of the new King Arms TWS 9mm SBR Gas Blowback Rifle... "This time the introduction of the new gun comes to the second episode. I would like to introduce you to the 'King Arms TWS 9mm SBR GBB' that is internal material and maintenance related', I hope everyone gets to know more about this gun!"

Unboxing The King Arms TWS 9mm SBR GBB


A look at the King Arms TWS 9mm SBR Gas Blowback in this unboxing video by Jeff The Kid... "This time I’m going to introduce the TWS 9mm SBR produced by King Arms. Compared to the PCC 9mm produced by WE, I prefer the TWS 9mm SBR produced by King Arms. Here I am also very grateful to the King Arms of Taiwan Dynasty Technology King Arms for giving me a chance in the near future. I'll introduce it to everyone!

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