MWC John Wick G34 TTI Combat Master Kit


Can't get enough of John Wick guns for airsoft? Here is another one from MWC that "John Weak" himself, L'Antre du Dingo, reviews in this video... "Today let's have a look at Modelwork's TTI Glock34 aluminium kit. This is a tribute to John Wick : Chapter two. Thanks a lot to Tony, without him I couldn't have shot this video."

Halo Magnum Airsoft Conversion Kit


Another kit from Printing the Revolution which should make Halo fans in airsoft happy. It is available to order this 3D-printed kit on Etsy... "This is a video about my  custom-built 1:1 scale Magnum M6G airsoft kit inspired by the Halo Series. The parts can easily be mounted onto most Glock type AEPs without modification to the base gun itself."

RA-Tech URGI/MK16 Kit For M4 GBB Rifles


This URGI/MK16 Kit from RA-Tech should make owners of M4 Gas Blowback Rifles happy as there are versions for most types of GBB tech, whether it be from Marui, WE Airsoft, GHK Airsoft, or KWA. Though it seems they forgot the Western Arms system which is the first M4 GBB tech and is used for G&P and Jing Gong M4 Gas blowbacks.

You can order these at the Airsoft Taiwan online store.

Evike: EF Limited Edition MP5K Kit

OptimusPrime announce that they are expecting a fully licensed Limited Edition Heckler & Koch MP5K Kit from Elite Force soon. Now the question is, will it be compatible to what MP5 AEG? Find out more in this video... "One of the first high-end MP5K's coming from Elite Force.  Choose your path: With or without the folding stock. Coming soon to"

LCT To Release AK EBB Kits On 29 October


LCT Airsoft are proud to announce that will be releasing their AK EBB Kits . These kits the PK-331 and the PK-332 can be installed in their AK AEGs and will be available on Monday, the 29th of October 2018... "The latest products PK-331AK EBB Kit (L) and PK-332 AK EBB Kit (S), included a upgrade Gear Box and a realistic Bolt Carrier. This model has two functions, moved forward and backward Bolt Carrier and blow back, compatible with LCT LCK series AEG.

Full Steel Bob Chow Custom 1911 Kit


Bang Bang Big Boys Toys posted photos of the Full Steel Bob Chow Custom 1911 Kit that is on pre-order at their walk-in store in Central, Hong Kong. Made in Korea, it is said to be based M45A1 system of Tokyo Marui with original factory and 200% recoil spring and Colt 1911 markings that were meticulously done. If you are in Hong Kong then you can order this one.

Jack MP7 Kit Back At Airsoftjunkiez


Airsoftjunkiez got news that the PolarStar JACK TM MP7 Drop-in Kit is available again at their store. Designed by Bingo Airsoft Designs with Airsoftjunkiez branding, this is designed to fit the Jack FCU to the Tokyo Marui MP7 AEG to have it HPA-powered. It has a custom 3D printed MP7 chassis for the engine and has a full auto microswitch and mini connection circuit board.

BB2K Airsoft: Slong Airsoft G-KRISS XI


BB2K Airsoft got his hands on the G-KRISS Glock Conversion Kit from Slong Airsoft which we first reported about last year... "Make your Glock sexy again! A Glock is a rather boring pistol in my eyes. Smooth and built on pure function without emotions. The G-Kriss XI Glock Kit changes that drastically. A Glock becomes a mini-Kriss for in between."

Avatar Hornet M-25 Glock Kit Pre-Order


Owners of airsoft Gas Blowback Glock 17 and 18 pistols are lucky again as they get another conversion kit to choose amongst those already in the market. The new kit is the Hornet M-25 Kit from Avatar, the makers of the Avatar Airsof Grenade and they are now taking pre-orders... "***LIMITED QUANTITIES*** HORNET M-25 KIT PRE-ORDERS on the following days!!! Special sale at 80€ + shipping!!!

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