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The fully licensed Umarex/KWA HK416 Gas Blowback Rifle is available at at WGC Shop. This comes with a 40-round gas magazine and an initial muzze velocity of 416fps... "Stable performance without upgrade and reasonably priced are advantages of KWA GBB rifle. If you are doing skirmish with GBB weekly, This is a good choice of having an HK416 GBB."

Unifeed EPM For KWA Gas Magazines

Unifeed Airsoft gives us a teaser video showing their Unifeed EPM Feed Clip to solve feeding problems with KWA gas magazines... "A teaser video of our Unifeed EPM, enhanced feed clips that minimise the occurrence of doublefeeding, jams and related issues in the KWA GBBR platform.

Fully compatible with the following GBBR magazines by PTS/KWA: PMAG, EPM and IWI magazines.

Stay tuned for more details!"

WGC: PTS KWA LM4 Bolt Carrier Set

WGC announce that PTS Syndicate have released their upper and bolt carrier set... "The PTS KWA Bolt Carrier Set is a complete drop-in Steel Bolt Carrier Group with Nozzle. Like the original stock bolt carrier, it is made out of steel for durability and recoil mass.

Black Variable KWA Vector H-Mag

Owners of the KWA Vector Gas Blowback SMG can use HPA powerand AEG magazines with the release of the Black Variable KWA Vector H-Mag adapter... "Inspired by several pieces of concept art such as AlexJJessup's HK G56, we bring to you our latest adapter: an H-Mag for the KWA Vector GBB.

KWA Christmas In July Sale Promo

Christmas comes early to the airsoft community as KWA announce a Christmas in July Sale... "We're kicking off our Christmas in July Sale with a 20% savings on parts, mags, and accessories with coupon code SUMMERSANTA, but MORE DEALS ARE COMING!!! Each weekday until the end of the month, you'll see daily specials on the items you want and need, with a big surprise at the end!

KWA At Evike Airsoft Palooza 2018

KWA announced on Facebook that they will be at the Airsoft Palooza in Texas this weekend... "Make sure to stop by the KWA booth this Saturday for Evike's Airsoft Palooza in Houston, Texas! We'll be GIVING AWAY a Ronin 6 PDW, a Ronin 18 SPR Complete Upper Receiver Kit, and our ALL-NEW and long-awaited PTS Centurion Arms CM4 C4-10 AEG 3!

KWA Ronin SBR, SPR and Carbine Kits

KWA posts a video on Facebook showing the modularity of their Ronin kits which are now available at authorised dealers and resellers... "The Ronin 10 SBR, Ronin 18 SPR, and Ronin 15 Carbine kits are all great money-saving options when you need a second gun without the cost of a second rifle, but it doesn't end there. The kits are fully cross compatible with all rear-wired RM4 and VM4s, including the all-new RM4 SR10! One of the most popular choices is a Ronin upper on our VM4A1 or RM4A1 for the ultimate upgrade!

Sniper-AS On The KWA LM4 KR7 GBB

Sniper-AS checks out the KWA LM4 KR7 if it is the best gas blowback rifle ever... "Hey guys, who knows GBB weapons knows KWA in any case. This brand has been known for many years in Airsoft both by their GBB weapons and their AEGs. But why should one resort to a GBB? And if you have decided for GBB, why then just a KWA? Now this question I will get to the bottom.

KWA HK416D GBB Rifle Review

Reapers Airsoft review the Gas Blowback HK416D Made by KWA and it is fully licensed one carred by Umarex... "Hello people, in this Review/Test we look at the KWA HK416D Gas Blowback. Since the differences to the HK417 are not very big, we have kept it a bit shorter this time. Also with this model the processing quality and the circulating gas system could convince. The internals we find out of steel ensure a long service life.

KWA Announce Laser Engraving Service

For owners of KWA airsoft products, they can avail of laser engraving services at KWA which starts this weekend... "Starting Memorial Day Weekend...personalize your KWA product by laser engraving a custom image/text on your KWA pistol, rifle or magazine. Rep your team, police dept, gov agency or just add some attitude to your load out."