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ICS L85 HPA Bingo Airsoftworks Build

USAirsoft's video shows a customised ICS L85 HPA that is done by Bingo Airsoftworks (also known as Bingo Airsoft Designs). Bingo Airsoftworks is known for fitting various HPA engines into different AEGs. Find out in the video if mentions what HPA engine is used by Bingo for this custom work.

Mach Sakai: ICS L85 Drum Magazine

Mach Sakai goes over the 3000-round drum magazine for the ICS L85 AEG for this video. Available for some years now, the ICS Airsoft L85 AEG is the best working airsoft version of this British bullpup rifle. Will the drum magazine feed well and comfortable to use? Find out in the video below:

ICS L85/86 Hop-Up Bucking Replacement

Another session of ICS Class, ICS Airsoft's howto series for owners of ICS AEGs to follow for them to maintain and repair their guns. In this session, they show how to replace the hop-up bucking of the ICS L85 Assault Rifle or the L86 LSW bullpup AEG that was released several years back and is very much in use in the United Kingdom.

Howto: Replace Piston In ICS L85/L86

Another ICS Class video shows how to replace the piston in the ICS L85/L86 AEG Series. This takers more time as you will need to thoroughly open the gearbox in order to get the piston and replace it. Our suggestion is that whilst you're there replacing the gearbox, better check the rest of the internals such as the gears to ensure that they are in good shape and lubricated properly before your close it back.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: Army L85 AEG

The most affordable L85 Bullpup EBB Rifle in the market is available again at, the Army Armament L85 EBB... "The Army L85 is a full metal, steel stamped 7.5lb heavyweight electric blowback AEG that is built like a tank. Featuring a removable carry handle and front sight, the R85A1 is modular and ready to accept the proprietary British SUSAT sight (featured top right). The olive drab polymer furniture is durable and realistic. This L85 is not one to miss.

G&G/Army L85 HPA Gearbox Replacement Kit

Bingo Airsoftworks shows how to install this kit they made for the L85 AEG... "This video demonstrates how to install the G&G/Army HPA Engine gearbox replacement kit. The kit allows you to easily upgrade your G&G or Army L85 to use an HPA engine such as the PolarStar Fusion Engine or the Wolverine SMP Engine. The video shows how to remove the AEG gearbox and install the kit, for both the Fusion Engine and the SMP versions."

Evike [The Gun Corner] ICS L85 Series

Featured in this episode of The Gun Corner is the L85 Series from ICS which are in the market for several years now. These have the patented delayed-action trigger electric brake and the gearbox which has an adjustable spring strength. When the upper and lower receivers are separated power is cut automtically making it safe to do troubleshooting. The spring is also easily replaceable with just one bolt.

WE L85 Trigger Box Removal Howto

Another howto video from the Airsoft Punisher. In this video he shows how to take down the L85 and remove the trigger box. If you own of these rifles, better watch and learn so you will  know how maintain your airsoft gun... "Just trying to fulfill some request videos and this is the video on how to remove the WE L85 trigger box."

L85 Upgrade Parts from Guru Arms

An announcement from Guru Arms as they announce that they have in stock a full range of upgrade parts for the L85 airsoft gun for those who are looking for such. Check the links provided below... "Dear colleagues: we have already been a successful producer of components for your L85 guns for some years. Now we can offer you wide range of Nozzles:

Army L85A1 Daniel Defense EBB with IR

Airsoft Helper that a new Army L85A1 AEG with the Daniel Defense L85 railed handguard will be available soon. We don't know if this Army Armament has gotten a license from MadBull Airsoft but we're definitely sure that it still has the electric blowback feature as seen in the first version. You can still lock the blowback if you start hating it, and it will also come with an PEQ battery case with IR.