Laylax Nitro.Vo Multi-Advanced Grip


New release from Laylax, the Nitro.Vo Multi-Advanced Grip which can be mounted to airsoft guns with Picatinny rails and even the Tokyo Marui MP7A1 (both AEG and GBB)... "A slender style foregrip that is ergonomically designed for ease of grip.

The compartment space inside the grip can store 'EVO Lipo Battery 7.4V / 1200mAh Vector & Stock Pipe-in ​​Type (sold separately)' and can be used as a battery space for models that cannot have a built-in battery.

Laylax Nitro.Vo QD Hole Covers


You might want these Nitro.Vo QD Hole Covers from Laylax if you don't want dirt or mud or any sticky stuff stuck inside the QD holes if not in use. It means less time cleaning your airsoft gun... "This product is a resin cover to prevent sand and dust from entering the inside of the QD hole.

It can be easily installed by simply tightening the center screw and protects unused QD holes.

Airsoftology: New Releases From Laylax


Video from Airsoftology showing a good list of goodies from Laylax that U.S.-based airsoft players can order from He goes over the Ambidextrous Swiveling Arm High Capacity Speedloader, "Aegis" Fighter HUD Scope Lens, Collapsible Container and Gun Case, CQC Battle-Style Holster, and holster mounts.

Laylax First Factory SIG Air MCX Wireguard


A small part fro the SIG Air ProForce MCX AEGs from Laylax's First Factory to have a hassle free wiring for the AEG, the Wire Guard...  "It is an item that optimizes the wiring route of SIG AIR MCX and eliminates damage to the wiring due to contact with the magazine.

It is effective in preventing troubles such as malfunction and electric leakage due to disconnection of wiring."

Laylax Ghost Gear Corset Rig


It looks like the Corset vest from Ghost Gear got an updated version called the Ghost Gear Corset Rig and it can be ordered from the Laylax store in Japan or authorised dealers overseas. Ryan of Laylax tells more... "Hello there again airsoft nation and LayLax fans, LayLax Rai here with another piece of kit for our players out there. Presenting our new Corset Rig Light. A rendition of our original renowned LayLax Corset Rig.

Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger


Ryan of Laylax got to drop this latest product from Laylax that will be available versy soon for Krytac KRISS Vector AEG owners, the Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger... "Hello LayLax fans and airsoft nation folk, LayLax Rai here. This time we have both a cosmetic and quality of life custom part for your beloved Krytac Kriss Vector. Our new Prometheus fully adjustable custom Vector trigger gives your Kriss Vector a greater edge on the field.

Tokyo Marui Hi Capa 5.1 With Nineball Lower Frame


Mag Tactics tries shooting the Marui Hi-Capa 5.1 GBB Pistol that comes with the lower frame from Laylax's Nine Ball brand... "The legendary do-it-all pistol, from competition to airsoft games, it's everywhere. Perhaps for good reasons. The Hi Capa in this video has a Nine Ball custom lower frame installed, while everything else is stock. The new version of Nine Ball frame is more for the Hi Capa Gold Match instead, so I don't recommend it for the original 5.1.

Laylax First Factory M4 Patriot HC Picatinny Stock Base


A quick video demo from Laylax showing the First Factory Picatinny Stock Base for the Tokyo Marui M4 Patriot HC for those who want to have the option of installing a stock with this AR pistol AEG... "The pistol-style "M4 Patriot" style is retained, but the Picatinny rail is placed at the rear. Since it is equipped with a QD hole, it is also possible to attach a QD sling swivel. Also, by using it in combination with the 'Railstock Pipe Adapter', you can easily load M4 stock according to the game scene!"

LayLax Battle Style SOCOM MK23 CQC Holster


Soon to be released later this month by Laylax is the Battle Style SOCOM MK23 CQC Holster tha should keep owners of the Tokyo Marui SOCOM MK23 NBB Pistol and its clones happy. Ryan of Laylax tells more... "Hello airsoft nation and LayLax fans, Rai here again with a welcome new addition to our new and extremely popular CQC Holster series. This time around we have use the same great customizability as our previous CQC Holster but now for the Tokyo Marui SOCOM Mk23 NBB handgun.

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