M2 Browning w/ PolarStar Fusion Engine


Bingo Airsoftworks went heavy this time for their custom airsoft project as they took an M2 Browning Machine Gun and installed a PolarStar Fusion Engine... "Here's a video showing the M2 PolarStar Fusion Engine conversion sustained rate test firing. I didn't run out of BBs, I just got tired of holding up the gun! It's shooting 450 fps w/.2g BBs at 80 psi. 23 RPS."

AirSharp Announces M2HB M2 Airsoft Prototype


AirSharp have posted at their website their M2 Airsoft prototype... "Featuring the same self-contained design work found in our 1919's, the M2 features selectable fire controls with automated firing. Grips and charging handles are real walnut, made by the same contractor who makes grips for the real McCoy! The prototype is completed and is undergoing field testing. Uses normal 6mm airsoft ammunition and standard rechargeable batteries.

Marushin M1 Garand and M2 Carbine in Stock at Spartan Imports


Spartan Imports, the exclusive US distributor of high-end airsoft automatic electric guns (AEG) and products by Classic Army, Inokatsu, KWA, Tokyo Marui, Maruzen, Marushin, and G&G Armament, has announced that it has the Marushin M1 Garand and M2 Carbine in stock. These two rifles are gas-powered airsoft replicas of the two iconic World War II Rifles which are famous among reenactors and World War II milsim enthusiasts.


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