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KWA K120c AEG Magazine Announced

For Milsim players who do not want to buy too many magazines to meet the requirements of milsim events of either low-cap or mid-cap magazines, here is something from KWA Performance Industries, the KWA K120c AEG Magazine that has the 30/120 round cut-off feature... "Dominate the field with the new KWA K120c Magazine. It features a 30/120rds cutoff & manual switch on its base.

Laylax: Tokyo Marui M40A5 Mag Assembly

In part 2 of maintenance procedures of the magazine for the newly released Tokyo Marui M40A5 Sniper Rifle, Laylax shows the assembly process... "This an introduction of the Tokyo Marui M40A5 magazine assembly procedure. We hope by reference to the time of maintenance. Items that can be used for maintenance of LayLax are here!"

Laylax: Tokyo Marui M40A5 Mag Maintenance

A helpful video from Laylax for owners of the Tokyo Marui M40A4 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle as it involved disassembly of the magazine for maintenance purposes... "It is the introduction of the takedown procedure example of the magazine of the Tokyo Marui M40A5. We hope you use this reference when doing maintenance. Items that can be used for maintenance of LayLax is here!"

Airsoft Kombat 47 Issue No. 35 Out Now

For Spanish language readers of airsoft magazines, Airsoft Kombat 47 Magazine happily announce that Issue 35 is now out and you can purchase them online or thru the Apple Appstore, Google Play, or Windows Phone. This issue is dedicated to the SAS during the 1991 Gulf War.

Hephaestus Extended AK Gas Mag At WGC

The newly released Hephaestus Custom 60 Rds Gas Magazine for GHK AK Series (Extended Type A) is now in stock at WGC Shop. This is a custom-made extended gas magazine for the GHK AK GBB series with a fiber-reinforced nylon shell and an enlarged gas tank for higher capacity. The magazine can be loaded up to 60 6mm BBs.

Hephaestus Custom AK Gas Mag In Stock

GHK AK GBB owners have something to rejoice as Bunny Workshop announced Custom AK Magazine for the GHK AK Series is now in stock a their online store. This limited production Extended Type A Gas Magazine has a fibre-reinforced shell, bigger gas tank, and a capacity of 60 BBs.

Update On RetroArms CNC'd Airsoft Products

RetroArms got an update for all customers and fans on their CNC'd airsoft products... "We are back with some fresh news. A lot of you maybe now asking, if we are still sleeping during this long winter. We were working on some great things and we want to also reply on your questions. First big deal is that we want to focus on manufacturing outer parts of airsoft replicas and some of our inner parts will be removed from our offer.

EF Airsoft 101: Co2 Mag Maintenance

Elite Force has an Airsoft 101 video covering CO2 Mag Maintenance which will lead to their own Silicone Spray Oil as the recommended product for such (of course)... "Our Elite Force 'Slick' Silicone Spray oil is just what your dried out c02 magazine or gun needs to stop the leaks!"

Loose Airsoft Mag Fix Howto Video

Having a problem with your airsoft magazine as it is loose when inserted in the magwell? Here's Weaponsandstuff93 with a fix as shown in the video... "Thanks to everyone who suggested this to me to fix my loose magazines for my Airsoft M4A1, a simple bit of electrical tape near the top of the magazine fixes the problem of poor feeding."

TBS: M4 AEG vs M4 GBB Magazines

Another blogpost by Team Blacksheep with Brian Holt making a comparison between M4 AEG and Gas Magazines... "The internet is full of talk about the GBBR being the best when compared to the AEG rifle but what determines 'best'? The find out the best don’t you have to take account of several factors such as 'cost' and 'availability' to get your result? This will just take a look at the magazines and the real 'playability' of each rifle and cost."