Airsoft Tactical Sport's Tokyo Marui MK46 NGRS Review


Airsoft Tactical Sport share what they think about the Tokyo Marui MK46 NGRS if it is a good addition to any airsoft team for fire support. The MK46 MOD.0 Next Gen Lightweight Machine Gun from Tokyo Marui is a cutting-edge replica that boasts a host of impressive features. It offers a realistic recoil shock, mirroring the experience of using the actual MK46 Mod.0. 

Timerzanov Airsoft On The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG


The Cybergun FN Herstal MK46 LMG AEG, with A&K being the OEM, is checked by Timerzanov Airsoft in this video review... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of an AEG support replica. I therefore present to you the FN Herstal MK46 LMG from Cybergun, manufactured in collaboration with A&K and licensed under the FN Herstal license. These M249 models are made of metal & polymer and have original good shooting performance and a quick spring change.

Molcom Tries The S&T MK46 AEG


Molcom Korean Airsofter brings the S&T MK46 AEG to a game to see how it performs. The S&T M249 MK46 features a mostly polymer gun with a metal barrel and a full metal version 2 gearbox. The MK46 has an adjustable sliding stock that lets you customize the length of the gun to fit your preference. It also has a RIS front end that allows you to attach various accessories such as sights, lasers, or flashlights.

A&K MK46 AEG At Airsoft Sports


Airsoft Sports got the A&K MK46 AEG in stock and give their take in this video... "M249 from A&K is the most common machine gun in airsoft. In Russia, he is very much loved mainly for a good quality steel bodysuit and a low price compared to competitors. There are quite a lot of body kit options and modifications for the M249, which, by the way, you can find in our store."

Tokyo Marui MK46 & M4A1 MWS In Sabapara Regular Meeting


P.O. Channel posts this gameplay video with the Tokyo Marui MK46 and MWS GBB in action during the Sabapara regular meeting... "This video shows the Sabapara regular meeting for the first time in a year. Hansen is also participating in the game because the number of participants is small due to the rain! In  this video, the radio equipment is used extensively and Japanese is spoken, but the video alone is enough to enjoy. Enjoy until the end."

S&T MK46 Sportsline at Softair Zone


Affordable and lightweight MK46 Sportsline AEG from S&T is in stock at Softair Zone and here is what they say about it... "We are now presenting the third Sportsline LMG made of polymer. The MK46 has the same internals as the M249 models. It is therefore fully expandable for the future with the V2 Gearbox.

A&K Airsoft MK46 Nylon Version Review


A German-spec A&K Airsoft MK46 Nylon Version AEG LMG gets reviewed by TNT-Germany... "Hey folks! A treat on our review table today. Namely the MK46 from A&K in the nylon version. This thing looks brutal, you can attach a lot and of course a lot of shooting. But there is a big catch here in Germany. You can find out who we would recommend the Airsoft to and how Finsch did with it on the match day in the video."

Tokyo Marui MK46 Recoil Shock & 416A5 Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse again brought the Tokyo Marui MK46 NGRS and an HK416A5 for a game at an abandoned high school... "The three-story Classic Revival apollo school has 203,235 square feet of space and sits atop the west hill bluff overlooking downtown Burlington. Thousands of Burlingtonians were educated in the structure during its long life as a school first the city’s primary public high school (1910-1970), then as Apollo Middle School (1970-1983) and finally as the alternative high school.

Tokyo Marui MK18, MK46 & More At Land Warrior Airsoft


Land Warrior Airsoft sent news over the weekend about a big shipment of Tokyo Marui airsoft guns they received that includes some sough after ones. Better hurry if you want these as they usually go out of stock quickly... "We've just unloaded a massive shipment in from the Gold Class in Airsoft, Tokyo Marui.

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