RA-Tech Upgrades MOA 2019


RA-Tech got some new upgrade stuff to be released this year that were on display at the MO Exhibition in Taipei. The crew checked their products out at their booth with Specna Arms and if you need these once they get released, you can always head off to the Airsoft Taiwan online store to order these... "The retailer AST (AirSoft Taiwan) and the manufacturer RA-TECH had a booth at the airsoft exhibition MOA 2019 in Taiwan and showed some of the newest and upcoming products for 2020."

RA-Tech CNC Stainless Nozzle 4mm Tip


This video shows the new RA-Tech 4mm Stainless Nozzle Tip which is available to order at Airsoft Taiwan. CNC-machined, this gets 145 ms/475 fps with the RA-Tech magnetic locking aluminium nozzle set made for the following WE Airsoft GBB Rifles: M4, M16, 416, 888, and T91 which are mainly AR-style Gas Blowback Rifles.

RA-TECH Custom Works F-1 Firearms GBB


Get your pick between between the WE System or thr GHK System with the RA-Tech Custom F-1 Firearms GBB now available at Airsoft Taiwan. The common custom parts used by these are the RA F-1 Firearms kit, RA Precision Inner Barrel, RA 7075 Forged Receiver, RA Receiver Extension, RA MK16 Maritime Bolt Stop, RA Recoil Buffer, and the RA CNC Steel Bolt Carrier. Also added parts are from Maple Leaf.



A premium price kit from RA-Tech is on pre-order right now at Airsoft Taiwan. This does not include Ace 1 Arms RMR Dot Sight and includes the CNC Steel slide, CNC Steel Outer Barrel, CNC Steel with barrel protector, CNC Steel rear & front sight set, CNC Aluminum trigger, CNC Aluminum Nozzle Housing, and CNC steel RMR Cover Plate. Price is U$633.00 shipping not yet included.

RA-Tech URGI/MK16 Kit For M4 GBB Rifles


This URGI/MK16 Kit from RA-Tech should make owners of M4 Gas Blowback Rifles happy as there are versions for most types of GBB tech, whether it be from Marui, WE Airsoft, GHK Airsoft, or KWA. Though it seems they forgot the Western Arms system which is the first M4 GBB tech and is used for G&P and Jing Gong M4 Gas blowbacks.

You can order these at the Airsoft Taiwan online store.

EMG SAI BLU RMR Custom Test By RA-Tech


RA-Tech tests the EMG x RA-Tech SAI BLU RMR Kit installed on this video. This a full CNC'd kit comprised of the following: CNC Steel slide CNC Steel Outer Barrel, CNC Steel with barrel protector, CNC Steel rear & front sight set, CNC Aluminum trigger, Steel Trigger set, CNC Aluminum Nozzle Housing, and CNC steel RMR Cover Plate.

RA-Tech EMG SAI Tier 1 Upgrade Kit


RA-Tech show their EMG SAI Tier 1 Upgrade Kit that is available at the Airsoft Taiwan online store. Made for the VFC Glock 17 Gen 3 Gas Blowback Pistol it comes with a steel slide, steel outer barrel, trigger, safety, front sight with fibre optic, and rear sight. This kit costs US$400 when ordering from them.

RA-Tech SCAR Steel Bolt Carrier


RA-Tech got the steel bolt carrier for the SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle and with an added option of getting a version that has the Magnetic Locking NPAS aluminium loading nozzle. Will there be an added benefit to have this option? Find out in the video below as they explain the product's features.

RA-Tech Magazine Gas Chamber Extension


RA-Tech are releasing a gas chamber extension for the the Glock gas magazine. Made of CNC'd aluminium, this increases the gas capacity of the GBB pistol. The increase is around 25%, which means more rounds can be squeezed off, especially if you use it as a Glock-style gas pistol as primary in a CQB game.

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