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Russian Airsoft RPG Pyro Launcher "Aglen"

Sergey sent us a video link that would get pyro-mad airsoft players really go mad and start throwing money at their computer screens. This is demo mde by SORMTV of a Russian-made Airsoft RPG Pyro Launchwer which they call "Aglen" and it's a pre-production model. The firing is impressive as it makes you think you're actually firing a rocket grenade and its range is impressive.

Booligan's Homemade Airsoft RPG

Check this overview video of a homemade Airsoft RPG by Booligan Airsoft which will be featured on Airsoft Insider... "I'll be going over this build in full in issue #4 of Airsoft Insider magazine, but I wanted to give you guys a sneak peek first! This is a budget 40mm powered, shoulder fired launcher that you can build a basic version of for just a few bucks."

[The Gun Corner] - Matrix Full Metal RPG

Matt looks happy holding hefty RPG which is right now in stock at "Have you ever wanted a fully workign RPG for airsoft? This Matrix RPG works with a small amount of 40mm grenade shells (or all of them with shell modification). You can then use nerf vortex footballs or the footballs to fire them from the RPG. Use at milsim games to take our vehicles, or run around with this prop for tacticool points."

Matrix CNC RPG Challenge Kit

If you're up to challenge and want an RPG-7 to use in your loadout, then better grab one of these kits at "The RPG-7. It's the one of the most recognized weapon system across the globe next to the AR-15 and AK47. It's ease of use, effectiveness, and low supply cost has made it the most versatile and widely used anti-armor weapon in the world.

Apple Airsoft RPG Sportline Version

An affordable RPG-7 launcher that is made by a company called Apple Airsoft, and should not be mistaken for Craft Apple Works (CAW), or even that company that made the iPhone and iPad. Reduction in prices is made possible by the use of ABS in some portions in the body and we wonder if this also lightened the weight.

C.M. RPG-7B Rocket Launcher

I am beginning the appreciate the RPG-7 why its simplicity makes it a feared weapon. I was able to get my hands on it again and its weight and length gives it an aura of power. If the AK-47 is the most recognizable and used rifle in the world, the RPG reigns supreme in the grenade launcher area. While not the most accurate among its peers, it's mere presence in the battlefield makes it a high priority target for those who will be its targets.

Gamma RPG-26 Aglen Rocket Launcher

Yebah! If you're up for some tank-hunting then here's a tool for you, Soviet-style, as long as you have the budget to get it at RedWolf Airsoft as they have it for US$282.50 without 40mm gas grenade shells included and you'll need to purchase them separately...

Gunner Airsoft Exclusive: Unicorn RPG-7

We have just barely posted the news about the ASG RPG 7 from Landwarrior Airsoft when we received news that Hong Kong has struck back with another RPG courtesy of Unicorn.  Gunner Airsoft has exclusive dibs on this and is selling for US$390 (£200.85 and €292.84).  It is a little cheaper than the ASG RPG 7, but the ASG version comes in a realistic-looking crate with RPG markings on it.

IT'S FOR REAL! The ASG RPG 7 at Landwarrior Airsoft

Many airsoft forums have been discussing if ever there'll be an airsoft replica for the iconic Russian-Made RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). This RPG is regularly seen being wielded by the bad guys in movies such as Rambo, and Blackhawk Down. In recent years, this is the bane of coalition troops in Iraq. The RPG-7 is the most widely distributed in the world, while it has Russian roots, the RPG is actually designed by a Frenchman, Jacques Williams.

Landwarrior Airsoft is now selling these for £235: