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Femme Fatale Airsoft With Spartan117gw

We take another look at the Kinetic MREX M-Lok Rail for the SCAR Rifle made by PTS Syndicate. Fully licensed, this gives your SCAR rifle a sleek rifle and increases the airsoft rifle's modularity. Femme Fatale Airsoft discusses the product with Spartan117gw during her latest visit across The Pond... "In this video, I visit PTS Syndicate HQ in North America to chat to Spartan117GW about the Kinetic SCAR MREX M-LOK rail systems from PTS!"

WGC: Renegade ACR Stock VFC SCAR GBB

WGC Shop posted news that they have in stock the Renegade ACR Stock in Tan. Made to fit the Vega Force Company (VFC)/Cybergun FN SCAR Gas Blowback Rifle, it has Aluminum stock adapter for mounting ACR stock. Price is US$125.00, shipping costs not yet included in the price.

Fortnite SCAR NERF Blaster Announced

Hasbro and Epic Games are teaming up to release a Fortnite SCAR NERF Blaster. Called the Fortnite AR-L Blaster, it will be released in Summer 2019 and is said to be retailed at US$49.99. It has a flip-up sight can will 10 NERF Darts and will be powered with four AA-batteries.

What do you think? Airsoft versions of the guns used in Battle Royale video games with their gun skins for use in airsoft Battle Royale games. Sounds good, right?

PTS Kinetic MREX SCAR Rail Install

Tutorial video from PTS Syndicate how you can install their fully licensed PTS Kinetic MREX SCAR Rail... "Video is using Cybergun FN SCAR-H GBB as sample. The installation will have slightly different between Cybergun and other version of SCAR-H / SCAR-L AEG or GBB. If you are not familiar with your airsoft SCAR, please find your local gun smith for installation.

PTS is not responsible for any damage that may arise from improper installation."

WGC Shop: PTS Kinetic SCAR Handguards

WGC Shop are now taking pre-orders for the PTS Kinetic SCAR M-Lok Handguards that can fit airsoft SCAR models from Tokyo Marui, VFC, and WE Airsoft... "The Kinetic MREX Modular Receiver Extension is designed to be simple, durable, and lightweight.

The Heresy Group: Why SCARs?

Based on my personal experience, as long as you pick the right brand of airsoft SCAR, it will perform well and will give your money's worth. Some of these are those from Classic Army and Tokyo Marui which are well built, whether the L or H versions, and they will perform well out of the box without any need for upgrades. The Heresy Group talks about SCARs in this video... "A Scar fan ? Love them.... hate them ... Do you see the UGG Boot?"

eHobby Asia: Cybergun FNH MK17 SSR

The Cybergun FN Herstal MK17 SCAR SSR AEG is in stock at eHobby Asia. Fully licensed by FN HERSTAL it has a CNC Aluminum one piece upper receiver, with high rigidness and it is light weight. The engraved FN HERSTAL licensed marking is on the receiver).

"Why Are VFC SCAR Rifles Cheap?"

Team Blacksheep writes about the VFC SCAR Airsoft Rifles now cheaper than before... "As of lately the VegaForceCompany or VFC SCAR rifles have been talked about and posted on every website about their great new price. This is good and all for us players but why are the rifles just now getting cheaper and not years ago when most of them were bought?"

eHobby: Angry Gun SCAR Gen II Stock Adapter

In stock right now at eHobby Asia are the Angry Gun Scar Gen II Stock Adapters for those who want to install another type buttstock to their SCAR airsoft rifles. These are CNC'd metal with black anodised coating with laser marking. You can install a 6-position sliding stock with QD sockets on both sides. You can select versions for the WE GBB, VFC AEG, and the Tokyo Marui NEG.

Evike [The Gun Corner]: SRU SCAR Bullpup Kit

Featured on's "The Gun Corner" is the SRU GBB SCAR Bullpup Conversion Kit. There are two versions of this kit, one made for the SCAR-L GBB and the other for the SCAR-H GBB. For this feature, it is the SCAR-H Bullpup Conversion Kit which is what airsoft players are after rather than the SCAR-L version.