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Retrieve Flight Data Recorder Sniper Role

Swampsniper has a sniper gameplay video as they were given the task of retrieving a flight data recorder in this game... "Swamp Sniper and owner of Ballahack Airsoft Field playing a scenario with our MIG-21 Jet fighter where enemies have to recover the flight data recorder before our troops arrive."

RWTV: Amoeba AS-01 Sniper Rifle

We now get to have a first look of the latest sniper rifle offering under the Amoeba brand of Ares Airsoft, the Amoeba AS-01 Sniper Rifle, courtesy of RedWolf Airsoft TV... "The Amoeba AS-01 sniper rifle looks to be your entry point into the world of sniping. With its sleek looks, can it indeed be the only sniper rifle you will ever need?

Pre-orders coming soon! Keep an eye out on our social media platforms!"

Brain Exploder: Camo Is Unnecessary

Second video from the Brain Exploder of the Operation Civil War gameplay that took place last June and he was a sniper in the game, using the Silverback SRS Sniper Rifle... "Part two of a long hot day at Code Red Airsoft Park using the Silverback DesertTech SRS A1. The plan was to wait for the enemies to walk into our trap so I found a spot that the enemy team seemed to ignore.

Novritsch Sniper Sale At RedWolf Airsoft

Take the chance to grab airsoft sniper stuff at 10% off at RedWolf Airsoft as they formally welcome Novritsch as their brand ambassador in this RWTV video... "To celebrate Novritsch as being the newest ambassador for RedWolf, we will be launching a sale for all you snipers! From now till 9th of August, all brand sniper rifles and magazines will be 10% Off. Furthermore, all brand scopes and BBs (0.3g or above) will be 5% Off. No brand restrictions apply meaning Marui is also on sale!

Evike [The Gun Corner]: CYMA M24 Sniper Rifle

This episode of's "The Gun Corner" features the CYMA CYMA M24 SWS Spring Powered Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle. Available in two colours and version that has fluted barrel, this has a high density polymer textured nylon fibre stock. The receiver, trigger, bolt, bolt handle, and the barrel assembly are metal. It has a integrated railed scope mount and has front and rear sling attachment points.

SPEED Airsoft Sniper HPA Conversion Kits

SPEED Airsoft have been busy realising products for HPA-powered airsoft rifles and their next release will be HPA conversion kits for airsoft sniper rifles... " SPEED Airsoft will be releasing soon a full line of HPA Conversion Kits for the popular spring power bolt action airsoft rifles.   These will include the Echo1 M28, Echo 1 ASR, VSR10, L96, APS-2 platform of snipers (Classic Army M24, UTG and Maruzen), as well as the Ares MS700.

Wolverine BOLT HPA Sniper Conversion Kit

Apart from the Wraith CO2 Stock, Wolverine Airsoft also announced the BOLT Conversion Kit for Airsoft VSR Sniper Rifles... "The Wolverine Airsoft BOLT replaces the spring system in a VSR Sniper Rifle and converts it to HPA. Bolt provides a smooth action, deadly accuracy, and is extremely quiet. It requires no FCU and is also compatible with our new WRAITH: CO2 Stock system."

Airsoft Sniper Scope Cam In Japan

Takana Karashi has an airsoft sniper gameplay in Japan with his Scope Cam. For this video he used the SJ4000 as head cam whilst the Scope Cam is a Mobiys with a 25mm IR high resolutions that he had especially done from a lens maker. As for the airsoft sniper rifle, it is the Tokyo Marui VSR-10 G Spec.

Airsoft Marksman By Red Army Airsoft Club

Watch this video and the story that was put together by the Red Army Airsoft Club for an airsoft sniper/marksman and show the use of the Mancraft PDiK and the Orga Airsoft Magnus Barrel... "This is the first release from the section Sniper airsoft. It turned out that we have launched a series of videos about the airsoft sniping along with Marty. What is the difference? We will talk firstly about the role marksmana, ie sniper in the group and use the GDI system."

How To Upgrade An Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Want to shoot an airsoft sniper reliably and accurately like Novritsch? Well, then do it the Novritsch way by getting his tuning kit which is available for the Tokyo Marui VSR-10, ARES Airsoft MSR, ARES Airsoft M700, AGM L96, ACM M24, and VFC M40A3. Here he demonstrates using the kit on the Tokyo Marui VSR-10.