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Angry Gun SOCOM Dummy Silencer Series

Angry Gun sent in news about their new product that will be released this October, the Angry Gun SOCOM Block 2 Dummy Suppressor Series. Available in two versions: SOCOM556 and SOCOM762, these will come in two colours, block and FDE. No idea if these come also with the four-pronged Flash Hider though. These are quick detached suppressors and also designed for a 14mm CCW thread and a patent pending QD function.

Mach Sakai's TM M14 SOCOM Review

Mach Sakai has a high degree of satisfaction with the Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG. It's been sometime now that someone has taken a look at this AEG again, one of the long range accurate hitters in the airsoft market in stock form. He highly recommends this in airsoft skirmish games as you will get an advantage due to is long reach.

Read the full review here and below is the video review:

PolarStar SOCOM Gear M82 Barrett

We've seen the PolarStar Fusion Engine used for in various airsoft bodies and even nerf guns. Now we see it installed in SOCOM Gear M82 Barrett Sniper Rifle as shown here by the French Airsoft team Tactical Blackcats... "Presentation of the Polarstar Barrett M82 Socom gear. Custom made by JB Airsoft. Paintjob by Apou Custom Airsoft. Shot with Canon 600D on the Hangar Wild Trigger field."

ASGI: M14 SOCOM SpecOps Overview

Bob the Axeman is back with this quick overview of the M14 SOCOM Special Ops AEG from Cybergun... "Want a gun other than an M4? Want something that you can trust in the heat of battle? Well, look no further than our M14 Socom 16. This gun, fashioned of the full length M14, is a great gun for players on a budget who are looking for a gun to get out and play immediately. Be sure to check it out on our website!"


Fatal of Hobbytron is back with her review if this big pistol which is now available at their online store... "The KWA H&K MK23 US SOCOM FPS-340 Green Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is one of the top Airsoft guns around and it is easy to see why! The H&K MK23 Gas Blowback is a high quality, top of the line pistol with a full metal construction body, realistic working slide and a gas-in-mag design.

The SOCOM Gear Magazine Collection

Here's the full line-up of airsoft magazines from SOCOM Gear in one video... "The Socom Gear Magazine packages are fully loaded and ready for deployment! What ever your set up in the world of M4 or M4 variants-style AEG's these packages are tailor made to give you maximum about of performance with every trigger pull. Hicap or Midcap, full metal or polymer, black or tan, you will find what you are looking.

Angus' Custom CYMA M14 SOCOM

Angus of Deathcore Airsoft is back with this video showing off his customised Cyma M14 SOCOM, one of the better M14 AEGs in the market... "Hey guys! Today we just have a quick overview of my custom CYMA CM032A (M14 Socom). I made the gun look a little more tactical and in my opinon, a bit cooler. The gun started off normal, until I added a Matrix RIS System, OD MagPul, and MRS Style Sight. Let me know what you think!"

CYMA M14 SOCOM AEG At Get Reload

No other ACM manufacturer has almost closely matched performance of the Tokyo Marui M14 SOCOM AEG with the exception of CYMA as based on my experience. If you are looking for a really great woodland skirmish AEG  and on a budget, this is a good recommendation for you. It's now available again and you can find the black version at Get Reload where they're selling it for US$155.00.

G&P M14 DMR SOCOM Gun Metal at eHobby Asia

G&P has a new colour for their nicely received G&P M14 SOCOM DMR. Now in stock at eHobby Asia for US$250.00 shipping cost not included. The body has a gun metal colour for those who prefer it that way... "1/1 Scale Electric Powered Airsoft AEG from G&P Industries. ABS Receiver Body, Steel Outer Barrel With Flashider:


Aftermath Orphus SOCOM Airsoft Rifle

This AEG at Pyramid Airsoft sports a High-grade die-cast rail system.. "All metal gearbox, barrel & trigger, High-cap mag, Synthetic OD green body, Tuned for Pro Games. This AEG shot an unbelievable 500 fps with 0.12g BBs, 400 fps with 0.2g BBs and 350 fps with 0.25g BBs We recommend using .20g and 0.25g BBs only. Includes: Manual, Rifle, 8.4v 1500 mah battery pack 250 mah trickle charger and cleaning rod. Battery charge time: 6 hours.